This article will just go through what Payroll Clocking is / what is Job Clocking / the purpose of using Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking / how it all works with Reporting on Productivity

What is Payroll Clocking?


  • Payroll Clocking is the ability to have your staff clock on/off the system to keep a log of when they are at work and available to work

  • By Payroll Clocking ON - staff indicates to Blackpurl that they are ready and available for work

  • By Payroll Clocking OFF - staff indicates to Blackpurl that they are no longer available for work

  • With Payroll Clocking ON / OFF - the system will tell you how long they were available in a specific time frame

What is Job Clocking?

  • Job Clocking is the ability for your Technicians to actually clock onto specific Customer Order > Service Jobs throughout the day

  • By having your Technicians' Job Clocking ON - it starts the timer to record how much time they are spending on that specific job

  • By having your Technicians' Job Clocking OFF - it stops the timer so you can see how much time they actually job clocked onto that specific job for

  • With Job Clocking ON /OFF - the system will tell you how many service jobs they were job clocked onto and for how long  

Why use Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking?

  • As stated above, by Payroll Clocking ON / OFF, staff are telling Blackpurl that they are ready and available for work

  • By having your Technicians' Job Clocking ON / OFF, you can tell how long they are spending on specific jobs

  • By having these two components we can then provide productivity reports and find out if your Technicians are productive, efficient, and / or proficient

Where do Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking fit in with Productivity Reporting?


  • By establishing when a Technician is available for work (Payroll Clocking) -  you can establish how many hours they are available for

  • If your Technician Payroll Clocked ON today at 8 am and Payroll Clocked OFF at 3 pm, Blackpurl knows that they have been available to work for 7 hours

  • If your Technician only Job Clocks onto several Service Jobs for a total of 4 hours during the day, by comparing it to how many hours they were actually available to work (Payroll Clocking), Blackpurl can calculate how productive your Technician is

  • Are they really that productive if they are available for work (Payroll Clocking) for 7 hours but they are only Job Clocking into Customer Order > Service Jobs for 4 hours? What are they doing for the other 3 hours?


  • Blackpurl can calculate how efficient that particular Technician actually is

  • For example if your Technician Job Clocks onto a Customer Order > Service Job for 3 hours but then Dealership can only bill / invoice the relevant Customer for 2 hours - they are not very efficient or are there other factors in play ie spending too much time helping others while job clocked onto a job?


  • By comparing the number of billed / invoiced hours to the Customer with the number of available hours (Payroll Clocking), Blackpurl can calculate how proficient your Technician is

  • For example if you are paying your technician for 8 hours work but their billable hours is only 2 hours, they have basically not been very proficient

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