Staff that is required to manage Payroll Clocking ie editing and changing entries etc will need to have the User Permission:

Manage Payroll Clocking

Once the permissions have been enabled, please continue with the following instructions:

How to Manage Payroll Clocking:

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click User-added image 

User-added image

  1. Click on the Manage tab and find the entry that you wish to edit or delete.
If you wish to add a completely new entry, click User-added image and follow the prompts.

User-added image

TIP: You can search for the entry you want to change by using Search by Date Range 

  1. TO EDIT:  On the entry that needs to be changed, click on  User-added image  and edit the relevant field ie IN / OUT time.  Tab off the field for the system to make the change.
TO DELETE:  On the entry that needs to be deleted, click on  User-added image to DELETE.  You will be asked to confirm the deletion: