Option 1

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click User-added image

User-added image

  1. The All Open Jobs window will pop up.  There are three tabs: 

User-added image
Let us review the screen.  Remembering that all details are coming from the relevant Customer Order Service Job.

A.  This column indicates the status of each Service Job line item.  The status includes:
User-added image User-added image User-added image User-added image
B.  This column indicates the Customer Order Number and Job Type ie Customer Pay.
 TIP: If you want to view a Customer Order itself, just click on the Customer Order number. 

C.   This column indicates the Customer and Customer Owned Unit details and the Service Job name.
**Remember that a Customer Order can have more than 1 service job so the techs can view this area to find out which Service Job they need to work on.

D.   It will tell you which technician has been assigned to that relevant Service Job line item or if you want to
assign another technician > click User-added image
        If no technician has been assigned, you can assign a technician by clicking >  User-added image

E.  Total job clocking time that has already been processed onto that relevant Service Job line item ie. User-added image
A total of 1 hour job clocking has been processed in our example. If you wish to see the job clocking entries, click on User-added image to list each job clocking entry.

F If you want to search for Service Jobs for a specific Technician, use this search function.
     This function is also used by Technicians to list only their jobs so they can job clock on / off etc.

  1. For the purpose of this article, we are going to work with the following Service Job and assign a technician.
User-added image
Status is Ready (so we are presuming that the unit is onsite and ready to be worked on)
It is a Customer Pay Customer Order
Customer is Alex Waxman
Unit is Suzuki
No Technician has been assigned.

Click on User-added imageand then select the technician you want ie Keith O'Brien

User-added image
This will assign Keith OBrien to the Service Job for the purpose of Job Clocking -

User-added image

Option 2

Blackpurl will also allow you to assign Technicians directly from the relevant Customer Order > Service Job > Technician time section

  1. Navigate to the relevant Customer Order > Service Job > Technician time section then clickUser-added image

User-added image

**It will also list all the Technicians that have been assigned to this Service Job in the header of the Technician time section so even if the section is collapsed, you can still see which Technicians are listing on this Service Job.


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