• Staff must be set up in Blackpurl > Account Settings as a Technician for Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking purposes.
To set up Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking, please review this article - Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking Setup  Payroll
  • Dealership will need to create a list of Other Tasks that will be available for the Technician to Job Clock On / Off.
For example:
Our Technician may need to take time out to talk to a customer or clean up the workshop.
This doesn't mean that they are not working but they are working on tasks that are not billable.
The Dealership really wants the Technicians to account for ALL of their time.
To allow them to do this the Dealership would create Other Task of - Talking to Customer and Clean up Workshop

To create / setup the list of Other Tasks:
  1. From Blackpurl Header > click User-added image

User-added image
  1. Click the tab Other Tasks > then click User-added image
User-added image

  1. Blackpurl will add a new line item for you to type in the new task name.
In our example we have typed the new task of Clean Workshop - then click User-added image

User-added image

  1. Blackpurl will add the new task to the list so that it is available for Technicians to select.
User-added image
Repeat Step 2 and 3 to add additional Other Tasks.
TIP: To edit or delete - on the relevant line item, click on User-added imageand make the changes.


Job Clocking On / Off to Other Tasks

Once the initial setup has been completed, please continue with the instructions below to learn how to Job Clock On / Off Other Tasks.  


Technician Keith O'Brien will be cleaning up the workshop so he will need to Job Clock on to Other Task - Clean Workshop.

  1. From Blackpurl Header > click User-added image

User-added image

It will then list all open jobs for all Technicians.

User-added image

  1. As we are Job Clocking for Keith O'Brien, we need to search for and select Keith O'Brien as the Technician:
by clicking in the Select Technician field and start typing the Technician's name.

User-added image

Once you have found the Technician > click to select.

User-added image

The Technician is now listing at the top of the screen:


User-added image

  1. To Job Clock ON to a task > click on the Other Tasks tab
Find the relevant Other Task line item that you need to Job Clock onto and then click User-added image to start.

User-added image
The Job Clocking onto that Other Task  - Clean Workshop has now started:

User-added image
  1. To Job Clock Off the Other Task - Clean Workshop, Keith would either click onto the User-added image 

Simply Job Clock onto another Other Task or Job Clock onto a Service Job.  Please review our article Service Job - Job Clocking On / Off.

TIP:  Your Technician can Job Clock from Service Job to Service Job to Other Task and then back to a Service Job

Manage Other Tasks 

The Dealership may need to manage Other Tasks - such as fixing an error / adding an additional entry in / list line items for a particular date range to review etc

  1. Click on Manage Task tab
User-added image
Let us review the Manage Task screen:

A.  Search by Date Range - this is the start date if you want to search for entries for a specific date range
B.  Search by Date Range - this is the end date if you want to search for entries for a specific date range.
C.  Select a task - If you want to list all entries for a specific Task by typing in the task name which will narrow down the search result
D. This is where your entries that meet your search criteria ie date range or specific task will list.
E.  Add a new entry - if you need to manually add in a Job Clocking Other Task
F. If you need to Edit or Delete an entry - you would click on the relevant line item and click on User-added image
G.  Change Technician - This will indicate the Technician you are reviewing or if you want to change the Technician, it will allow you to search for the Technician you require.  


Please review our article - Reporting - How to Run Technician Productivity Reports (including Job Clocking / Payroll Clocking)