This article will go through the process of Job Clocking on and Job Clocking off Service Jobs 


Staff must be set up in Blackpurl > Account Settings as a Technician for Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking purposes.

To set up Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking (to specific Service Jobs), please review this article - Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking Setup 

If you would like to set your Technicians up with the ability to pause job clocking, please review this article - System Settings > Settings and Controls and review Shop Settings - Allow pause of job clocking 

How to Job Clock On / Off

Once the initial setup has been completed, there are two options on how to Job Clock onto Customer Order Service Jobs:

Option 1 

  1. From Blackpurl Header > click User-added image

User-added image

It will then list all open jobs for all Technicians

User-added image

  1. To narrow down the job to see only the jobs for a certain Technician  > click in the Select Technician field and start typing the Technician's name.

    User-added image

    Once you have found the Technician > click on the relevant technician listing to select

3.  This Technician is now at the top of the screen

User-added image

Service Jobs will now list in the following order: 

  • Any Service Job that has been assigned to that particular Technician gets listed first

  • Any Service Job that has no Technician assigned will list next.  If the Technician wants to assign themselves to a service job, they can click on next to the relevant Service Job line item; and

  • All other Service Jobs that have Technicians already assigned to them but it does give the option for your Technician to Assign to Me 

User-added image

  1. To Job Clock ON, on the relevant Service Job line item - our Technician Keith O'Brien will simply click on User-added image to start the timer

Then the Job Clock Timer will start and it will look similar to this

If you have given your technicians the ability to PAUSE their job clocking - then their screen will look like this 

  1. To Job Clock OFF, simply click on  to stop the timer
Blackpurl will then give the Technician the option of adding notes (then clicking on SAVE) or to SKIP the adding of the notes.  

User-added image

Any notes added by the Technician will show up on the relevant Customer Order Service Job. 

TIP: Did you know if your Technicians are using their mobile device to job clock on / off with, they can use the Talk to Text feature to add notes to the Notes section

  • Technician would click into the Notes section 
  • The mobile device's keyboard will engage and then if the keyboard has the icon - , the Technician can click on that icon and then talk and the device will change the talk into text in that field

  1. The time will be added to the total time associated with that Service Job

User-added image

If you wish to see all job clocking entries on that particular Service Job line item, click on the User-added image to list

User-added image

  1. Any Job Clocking will show up in the Technician time section of the relevant Customer Order Service Job

Option 2

  • Navigate to the relevant Customer Order > Service Job > Technician time section

User-added image
  1. Assign the Technician directly from this section by clicking on User-added image and select the Technician
  2. Technicians can Job Clock ON by clicking User-added imageand then Job Clock OFF by clicking on User-added image

    If you have given your technician the ability to just pause the Job Clocking then it will look like this

  3. This header section will list all Technicians icons that have been assigned to this Service Job so even if this section is collapsed, the user can still see the Technicians.  If a Technician is in GREEN it means that they are still Job Clocked on
  4. This will list all Technicians as well as their total job clocking for this Service Job
  5. Manual entries can still be made by clicking on User-added image etc

The Technician can Job Clock ON / OFF directly from this section as well by finding their name and clicking on the Job Clock ON / OFF directly from the relevant Customer Order > Service Job > Technician time section

Other Information

o edit/manage Service Job Clocking entries, please review the relevant article by click on this link - How to Manage or Change Job Clocking on a Service Job

To learn how to Job Clock onto Other Tasks, please review our article - Other Tasks - Job Clocking On / Off 

Please also note that if your technician has forgotten to payroll clock off, then at midnight they will be automatically payroll clocked off