This article will show you how to use a Store Credit to pay an Outstanding Charge on Account Invoice which is sitting as unpaid in Dealership's Accounting package


  • In Blackpurl, a Customer Order Invoice has been finalised using the payment type Charge on Account.

For example a Charge on Account Invoice has integrated to the Dealership's accounting package for $50.97 and the relevant CO is now closed

The Invoice is now sitting in the accounting package as unpaid 

  • The same Customer has a Store Credit sitting on their Customer Record in Blackpurl and the Customer wants to use this Store Credit to pay for a Charge on Account Invoice sitting in the Dealership's accounting package

How to Process

In Blackpurl

  • Navigate to the relevant Customer Record and scroll to Store Credits section

  • Check that is there is enough Store Credit available

  • Then click ACTIONS > Adjust Store Credits 

  • On the Store Credit Adjustment pop up > process the amount with as a minus and type in a relevant NOTE and then SAVE

  • This should now have reduced Store Credit amount by the amount you just processed above

In your accounting package (we are using Quickbooks Online as our example)

  • Check on the Customers account that there is an outstanding invoice and a balance owing

  • Complete a Journal entry for the amount of the Store Credit you have just adjusted in Blackpurl and then SAVE 

First Line - Search and select the Store Credit Expense General Ledger as the DEBIT for the relevant amount

Second Line - Search and select Accounts Receivable General Ledger as the CREDIT for the relevant amount.  Ensure that you search for and add the relevant Customer in the NAME field

See below as the example

  • Once this is done you will need to return to the Customer's account and then match the Journal Credit against the relevant Invoice/s

  • Click on Receive payment


On the Receive Payment screen > scroll down to ensure both debit (outstanding invoice) and credit (your journal) boxes are ticked

The entry should equal zero

Then Save - The customers account should now reflect invoice as paid as per below