Store Credits can now be used as a Deposit on a Customer Order.

How does this work?

For our example our Customer - Catherine Price has a Store Credit of $400 available and she wishes to use the Store Credit as a Deposit on Customer Order 181 (CO181).

Note: To be able to use a Store Credit, the Customer record must have a Store Credit amount indicated.

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To learn how to process a Store Credit on a Customer record, click - How to process a Store Credit on a Customer Record


  1. To use the Store Credit - navigate to the relevant Customer Order.
For our example we navigated to CO181 and then click on User-added image

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  1. The CHOOSE A PAYMENT METHOD window will indicate if there is any Store Credit available and how much. 
Click on the Payment Method - Store Credit and then type in how much of the Store Credit you want to use / whether or not you want to use it on a Deal Section only or Customer Order then click on to User-added image

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  1. This transaction will then be added to the Deposit section on the Customer Order.
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