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Step 4F - Control Accounts - Store Credit Accrual 

This General Ledger account is used to maintain the value of store credits which have been recorded on Customer Records in Blackpurl and is typically a liability account that has a credit balance

Example of how a Store Credit can come about:

  • a Customer returns a part and a Customer Order Return was completed
  • but instead of giving the value of the return back to the customer, the customer wanted the credit to remain at the Dealership so that the next time they come in, they can use that credit for something else
  • The dealership still needs to close out the Customer Order Return so they do this by selecting Store Credit as the payment method

  • The Store Credit will then appear on the Customer Record in Blackpurl

  • The journal for this Store Credit will then integrate to your accounting package 

  • This Store Credit General Ledger account is credited whenever Store Credits is increased or added in Blackpurl and when the Store Credit is subsequently used in Blackpurl by the Customer then it will debit the Store Credit General Ledger account. 


Accounting entries to this General Ledger Account should always come from Blackpurl and manual transactions should never be made directly from the accounting application

The balance of your Store Credit General Ledger Account should equal the Store Credits that are available in Blackpurl

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