1. The Dealership has already provided a quotation to the customer for a Unit Deal for a stocked unit.
If you need help preparing a Unit Deal Quotation - please review our article - How to Process a Unit Deal Quote for a Stocked Unit
  1. Navigate to the Customer Order Unit Deal Quotation that the customer is accepting and on the Unit Deal section header click on User-added image for the Change Deal Status window to pop up.
Change status to IN PROGRESS by clicking on the relevant checkbox and then User-added image

User-added image
  1. Review all figures and all sections (remember it may have been a while since you first gave the customer a quote):
  • Options and Fees / Trade Ins etc
  • Edit Pricing as required
User-added image
  • If the Unit Deal is Financed - review the Deal Financing section ie who the finance company is / amount etc within the Deal Financing section / has the financing been submitted / what is the status of that section?
User-added image

  1. To commit and install the options, click on User-added image in the Deal Action section
User-added image
This will create:
  • Deal Service 1 section for any options that are being sold with the unit and installed
  • Deal Merchandise section for any options that are not getting installed
  • Special Order section for any options that are not in stock and are required to be ordered.   
User-added image

TIP: Did you know that you can Stock In a Trade In unit prior to the finalization of the Unit Deal?  For further information, click on this link - How to stock in a Trade In Unit Prior to finalising the Unit Deal

  1. Finalizing the Unit Deal:
Special Order 
Deal Service 1
  • Once all work is completed, your service department will change the status Deal Service to Complete.
User-added image
  • Your service department should have also finalised the Deal Service 1 section by clicking on User-added image in the Job Action section.
User-added image
Deal Merchandise 
  • To finalize Deal Merchandise section, click on User-added image 
User-added image
You will be asked to confirm:
User-added image
Deal Financing (if applicable):
  • Finalize the Deal Financing section and if all completed/submitted and approved, change the status of the Deal Financing section to APPROVED.
  • If you want to show full profitability on the Unit Deal, please ensure you type in the Participation / Commission. (This figure will not integrate into your accounting package)
User-added image

Unit Deal 
  • Once all sections have been fulfilled, you will be able to finalise the Unit Deal.
  • Things to check:
    • Have you noted the Salesperson and Commission Earned? This will allow full profitability to be shown on the Unit Deal. (This figure does not integrate to your accounting package)
This figure does not integrate to your accounting package.

For further information, please review our article - Setup Customer Order Unit Deal - Salesperson (for commission)

User-added image
  • Trade-In (If Applicable) - Have you entered the Agreed Value / ACV and finalized the Approval Section?
  • Once you have done all the necessary checks, click on User-added image to change the status of the Unit Deal
User-added image

You will need to change the Status to APPROVED and then click on User-added imageUser-added image
  1. Once all sections have been fulfilled and the Unit Deal section status is APPROVED, it is time to finalize the Unit Deal by clicking on User-added image
User-added image
1.  Select what you want to checkout (unticking the units you do not want to checkout)
2.  Choose a payment method (including finance if applicable)
3.  Type in the amount that is getting paid by this payment method (repeat 2 & 3 for multiple payment methods)
Then once the Checkout is green > click on User-added image with the option of Print Invoice or Email Invoice to Customer.

TIP: Did you know you can now backdate your payment or invoice?  Please review our article - How to Back Date Customer Order Deposits / Payments / Invoices
  1. An Invoice History section has been added and if all Unit Deals on this Customer Order are finalized, the Customer Order status is now closed so no further changes can be made.
User-added image