This article will explain how to use a Fee for a Unit Sales Rebate

There are two types of unit rebates:

Type 1

The unit rebate that the Supplier / Manufacturer promises the Dealer as a "kickback" which is not passed onto the Customer

  • These types of rebates are processed as a Cost Adjustment onto the Unit record itself 

Type 2 

The sale rebate that is given by the Supplier / Manufacturer which is passed onto the Customer and should show on the Unit Deal

The dealership will usually be reimbursed this rebate at a later stage by the Supplier / Manufacturer

This article will go through setup and process of a Type 2 - Sale Rebate


  1. If you have Accounting Integration, setup a relevant FEE Category

You will need to know where you want the rebate to show up in your accounting package - For example:

User-added image

A.  Type:               Select FEE

B.   Name:            Give your Sale Rebate a Name

C.   Income GL:    What GL do you want it to integrate in your accounting package

  1. Create a new FEE for your sale rebate

  • If you have accounting integration you will need to assign the category you create in Step 1 as the Category on your Sale Rebate FEE.  Example:  

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Field Description
Give the new FEE a code reference (quick search name)

Give your new FEE a name ie Name of your Sales Rebate
Remember that this will print on the Unit Deal

This is the Price to the Customer
If your rebate fluctuates in price, leave in blank and when you add the FEE to the Customer Order, you can add the price in then


Cost methodLeave as Fixed Cost 
E.Cost rate
What is the Cost? Remember that Cost does not integrated to accounting packages

What category are you assigning to this FEE

G. Tags 
What TAG are you assigning to the FEE

Check the box if this FEE is to taxable
If you checkbox that this FEE is taxable, there will be a new field for you to indicate, the Applicable Tax

I.Profit Cal.
Do you want it to calculate in the profit when you are reviewing profitability on a Customer Order?


How to process a Sale Rebate onto a Customer Order Unit Deal

1.  Process your Customer Order Unit Deal as normal

2.  The Manufacturer has offered a $500 Sale Rebate that needs to be passed onto the Customer

On the Unit Deal you would add the Sale Rebate FEE as a negative value in the OPTION & FEES section

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  1. Finalise the Unit Deal as normal

Additional Information for Accounting Integration

  • Once the Unit Deal has been completed and closed the transaction will go over to your accounting package mapped according to the General Ledger indicated on Category attached to the FEE

  • The $$ will remain in the relevant General Ledger until you process a Suppliers Credit Note to that General Ledger (once the Credit Note has been received) or if you receive the funds into your bank, you will need to process the deposit to the relevant General Ledger