This article will go through:

  • what a Dealer Installed Option is

  • how they will show up on a Customer Order > Unit Deals when the Dealership is selling the Unit 

  • how to control what Dealer Installed Options show up on the Unit Deal 

What are Dealer Installed Options

Dealer Installed Options have been added to a Stocked Unit as part of an Internal Service Jobs ie a different muffler / service / new brake pads / labour for installing etc

This means that the cost of the Unit has increased and must be taken into consideration when selling the Stocked Unit

The Price that the Dealership is looking to sell the Unit should also be increased to ensure that the Dealership gets the $$ back for the Dealer Installed Options or the profitability on the unit will be reduced 

Our example below:

Unit Record below shows that an Oil Pump and Brake Pads have been installed on this unit as part of a finalized Internal Service Job) 

The cost price has increased as well as the price (what the end customer will look to pay)

However the Dealership does not want details of these Dealer Installed Options to "show" on the Customer Order Unit Deal when the unit is sold

How does Dealer Installed Options show on a Customer Order > Unit Deal

When the Stocked Unit is added to a Customer Order > Unit Deal, the Dealer Installed Options will automatically list as part of the pricing on the Customer Order and also print on the Bill on Sale and Offer to Purchase

Our example:

Stock# SKU-00053 is now in the process of being sold on a Customer Order > Unit Deal and you can see that it will show how much Dealer Installed Options forms part of the pricing to the Customer

This information is coming from the Unit Record Pricing section

If you click on Edit Pricing - it will list the Dealer Installed Options


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How to control which Dealer Installed Options show up on a Customer Order > Unit Deal

If the Dealership does not want to show certain Dealer Installed Options, the user would:

Click > Edit Pricing 

The Edit Pricing Details window will populate and then the Dealership will need to zero out any Dealer Installed Options that they do not want to show as being charged to the Customer on the Unit Deal

Then click on 

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This will reduce the price of the Dealer Installed Option field on the Customer Order > Unit Deal and profitability will be affected 

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If the Dealership now prints the Bill of Sale or Offer to Purchase - the Dealers Installed Options will still list but whether or not the prices list will depend on the zeroing out of any items t

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Keep in mind that in Customer Order Profitability - it will still show the full cost of all Dealer Installed Options

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