What's new? 

Customer Orders > Unit Deals - Deal Financing 

We have made a few tweaks to our Deal Financing section - these include:

  • We have introduced a new section within Deal Financing called Funding Details which shows two distinct areas - Customer Summary / Funding Summary 

Customer Summary will give the user a breakdown of any down payments requirements and what balance of that is still owed by the Customer 

Funding Summary will provide the user with a breakdown of what is due (or still due) from the finance company


  • There is now a new Financing actions section 

This will list actions that are available to the user

The actions available will be based on the status of the Deal Financing ie Quote to Submitted status AND/OR what is missing from the Deal Financing section ie Add Finance Company AND/OR other actions such as Accept down payment

  • Recording Finance Payments / Accepting down payments

When adding funding for Deal Financing, the user will only be able to add the funding in the Deal Financing > Financing Actions - Accept down payment  or Record Funding payment 

If the user tries to use the Deposit section to add the finance payment, the Payment Method: Finance Company will be greyed out

  • Checkout for Finance Deals 

Previously both the Unit Deal and the Deal Financing needed to be in the Approved status to be able to checkout

However, this has now been changed - to check out the Unit Deal needs to have the status: Approved and the Deal Financing needs to have the status: Funded  

If the User tries to Checkout without these requirements, then there will be a notation message in the Checkout section

  • Changes can now be made to Unit Deal even when Finance funding has been received

One of the restrictions we made previously was that once the Unit Deal was Approved and the Finance was funded, we did not allow the user to make ANY changes 

We have removed this restriction somewhat - we will now allow the user to make changes (the user will need to return the Unit Deal status to IN PROGRESS first) ie add parts / take off parts / change the price of the unit, etc 

BUT as the finance has been funded, we will not allow the user to close out the Unit Deal until the amount of the Unit Deal equalling the finance funded amount 

If the Dealership is going to change the finance requirements altogether ie the amount of the finance funding has changed, then the user will need to remove the funding payment and then amend the Unit Deal to equal the new amount of the funding

For further information, please review our article - How to Add Deal Financing and Pay with Financing on a Unit

Tax on Unit Options 

Some of our Dealerships have different requirements on Tax - some Deal Options may need to be sold using a different tax rate to what is covered on the Unit Deal 

The change we made is to accommodate the tax requirements of all our dealerships

For further information, please review our article - Taxes are different for Deal Options sold on a Unit Deal


Changes to Part Inventory Valuation Report 

We have made a few amendments to the Part Inventory Valuation Report.  These include:

  • renaming the column that is currently called "Total Cost" to instead be called "In Stock Cost"

  • a new standard column that will appear as the last column - this new column will be labeled "Inventory Valuation"

The value in this column will be based on the values in the "In Stock Cost" and "Oversold Cost:" columns

This new column will calculate as Inventory valuation = ( In_Stock_Cost minus Oversold_Cost )

By default, this new standard column Inventory Valuation will be included as one of the default totals 

  • a change to the default report so that "Average Cost" is NOT included as one of the default totals

For further information on how to run the report, please review our article - Reporting - Part Inventory Valuation 


New Report - Active Service Sublet Report 

We have introduced a new report that will assist Dealerships with tracking all active Service Sublets in Blackpurl 

For further information on this new report, please review our article - Reporting - Active Service Sublet

Manually Log Technician Times as Hours only  

This will only affect those Dealerships that do manual logging of Technician time on the Customer Order > Service Jobs / Deal Service / Internal Service Jobs 

Dealerships may only want to add their Manual log entries as just hours without indicating the Time in/Time off

To enable the Dealership to do this, we have introduced a new System Setting that will allow the Dealership to enter only hours as a Manual log entry  

System Setting > Settings and Controls > Shop Supplies - Technician hours method on jobs 

Option - Hours only 

When entering manual hours on a Customer Order, the user will not be required to enter a Time in / Time out

They will be just required to enter how many hours - note that the Time In and Time Out fields are greyed out

We would not be recommending to use this feature if you are reviewing the Technician Productivity reports 

Option - Time in/Time out

When entering manual hours on a Customer Order, the user will be required to enter a Time in / Time out and Blackpurl will calculate the number of hours

The User will also need to ensure that they are not overlapping other Time in / Time Out job clocking or manual entries that are already in Blackpurl

For further information, please review our article - Technician Hours - Manual Log Entry on Customer Order - Hours only or Time in/Time out

Landed Cost Adjustment on Units 

We have now given the Dealership the ability to do a Landed Cost Adjustment when receiving a Unit 

This will allow the Dealership to add in Landed Cost Adjustment ie freight at the time of receiving the unit rather than doing a separate Unit Cost Adjustment 

For further information, please review our article - Landed Cost Adjustment (LCA) 

Changes to how Tiered and Escalating Taxes are calculated on Unit Deals

We have made a change to how we are calculating tiered and escalating taxes on Unit Deals 

Previously we have calculated these taxes on a line-by-line basis but this was causing the incorrect tax amount to be calculated.

We have modified this so that tiered and escalating taxes will now calculate on the total of all the items (with the same tax component) on the Unit Deal - this will ensure that the correct tax will now be calculated.

Changes when editing the Service Job - Concern / Cause / Correction fields 

When it was necessary to edit the Concern  / Cause / Correction fields, we were making it difficult for the user as the text was showing in one continuous line so the user had to scroll the whole line to get to the section they needed to edit

The change has been made that when editing, the text will now appear in a more user-friendly way so that users can see what they are editing.  Users will only need to click on the text to open the ability to edit 

Lockdown Part Records 

We have allowed the Dealership the ability to lock down certain fields - MSRP / Retail / Description - on the Part Records 

This means that when the relevant Vendor Price File is imported, it will not override these field (MSRP / Retail / Description) with the new data contained in the Price File.  

For further information, please review our article - How to Manually Amend a Part Record (For example - change price / change to packaged part / add auto reordering / lock down prices)

Preferred Payment 

We have completed a change that will allow the Dealership with Preferred Payment but without a terminal to still process the payment in Deposit / Checkout / AR Payment of Account with the Card not present feature 

User Permission - Account Administration - Price Levels 

We have ensured that this User Permission actually does what it says

Once enabled - the user will need to have the create/modify also enabled in order to amend/assign Price Levels to Customer Records 

Change of workflow for Unit Deal once a Stocked Unit is added 

Once a Stocked Unit is added to a Unit Deal, Blackpurl will automatically present/pop up with the Edit Pricing Detail window

This is so that the first job for the user is to review the pricing and the Dealer Installed options 

The user can still revisit the Edit Pricing Detail window at any time by clicking on EDIT PRICING 

Temporary Unit - new fields 

When adding a Temporary Unit to a Unit Deal, the Set a temporary unit window will have two new fields:

Condition - the user will be able to select from New or Used 

Mileage type - the user will be able to select from Hrs / Km / Ml

Unit Deal > Co-Buyer 

Previously we have only allowed the Dealerships to add a Co-Buyer in the Deal Financing section

We have now changed this so that if you need a Co-Buyer for a Unit Deal and/or Deal Financing then you would click in the Unit Deal Summary section and then search for the relevant Customer that you want as Co-buyer

For further information, please review our article - Customer Order > Unit Deal - Adding a Co-Buyer

Unit Deals - Allow Negative part line items for the exchanging parts 

Users will now have the ability to enter a negative quantities for line items in the Unit Deal > Options & fees section

This will allow the user to return parts typically in exchange for another part - for example:

  • The customer may wishes to swap out the standard steering wheel that comes on the unit with a different steering wheel

  • This would mean you want to return the standard steering wheel to your stock and then sell them the different steering wheel 

  • The user would add the steering wheel they are returning to stock as a negative line item and then add the new steering wheel in the Options & fees section 

This functionality will then carry over to the Deal Service or Deal Merchandise 

Vendor Receiving - Ability to edit Part MSRP, Retail and Locations

From the Vendor Receiving screen we are now offering the user to be able to edit the Parts MSRP / Retail / Sale Price / Locations 

Click into the relevant part line item and then

This will open up the Update Part window to make your changes - don't forget to click on

For further information, please review our article - How to Receipt / Receive Parts into your Inventory (including Sublets) - Vendor Receiving (VR)

Automated Price Files section will now be known as 'Processed Price Files'

For further information, please review our article - Processed Price Files Tool (previously known as Automated Price File)

What's Improved? 

  • Performance - Replaced all SVG icons with web fonts in order to improve performance by reducing the number of API calls being made
  • Improved - the part labels to have a barcode which a barcode scanner will have fewer issues reading
  • Change to New Global Search  (still with Beta testers) - implemented sync error tracking, notification, and resolution scripts / Additional adjustments to the accuracy of the new global search as it relates to part records
  • Resolved - an issue that allowed a user to transfer ownership of a consignment unit when creating a unit for a customer
  • Resolved - an issue that prevented the BP Admin user from modifying General Config settings from the front end 
  • Implemented - a new restriction to prevent a user from stocking in a trade-in if it does not have a VIN
  • Resolved - an issue where exact matches were not always being returned in the global search
  • Correction - the spelling mistake in the appointment tooltip in the service job header
  • Resolved - an issue that caused unit report filters to drop off after being selected
  • Resolved - an issue that caused the Parts inventory GL to not match BP balances
  • Resolved - an issue that falsely indicated a sync failure on a vendor return journal entry 
  • Resolved - an issue encountered when modifying the filters on a custom-saved report
  • Resolved - an issue where shop supplies were not being calculated on labor items found in kits
  • Implemented - changes to SOM submissions to reduce the chances of failures
  • Resolved - an issue that prevented the user from reporting recent parts sorted by location
  • Resolved - an issue with Unit Check-in which incorrectly gave an error on the date promised
  • Resolved - an issue that caused the new global search to provide an incorrect value for the part location
  • Resolved - a unit ordering issue that caused factory options to not be listed in the same order they were added
  • Resolved - a Xero configuration issue that occasionally prevented the AR credit payment method from returning values
  • Resolved - an issue where after editing the filters on a saved custom report the Save button was not available
  • Resolved - an issue where a user could backdate payments and deposits even though they did not have permission to do so
  • Resolved - an issue where taxes were not calculated for Deal having tax enhanced setting OFF
  • Resolved - an issue related to applicable tax for Trade-in
  • Resolved - an alignment issue for the unit card shown on internal service and deal
  • Resolved - an UI issue to select multiple units while committing options on deal type customer order
  • Resolved - an issue where the button was missing to create a WPM product variant 
  • Resolved - Side bar totals on checkout are not showing deal taxes if the customer order is having any other section with deal section
  • Resolved - an issue where forms are not printing on deal type customer orders
  • Resolved - an issue for sync failure where CO only has an internal service job on a stock unit and sync failure is referencing Deals
  • Implemented - Script was added to populate the approved amount on the already financed deal
  • Changed - BRP supersessions
  • Changed - removed United States from the Country list (template org, script to create country) and then listed all states under USA country code instead (internal)
  • Removed - placeholder vendor image from vendor and VO/VR/VI screens
  • Relocated - the Technician hours setting from the Shop supplies section to the Shop settings section under Setting & Controls page
  • Removed - the red text below the Applicable Tax field on deal units as it no longer applies
  • Removed - plate number from stock unit created by the stocking in of a trade-in on a deal
  • Resolved - an issue in finalizing vendor invoice when invoice number has apostrophe in it and BP is connected to QB 
  • Resolved - issue with the tab order on the add/edit part window
  • Resolved - an issue where QB payment terms did not already exist in BP on setting due date on vendor invoices.  Syncing the chart of accounts will also force the syncing of all payment terms from QB to BP
  • Resolved - an issue with reports where sorting function wasn’t appear to stick when you elect a new sort
  • Resolved - an issue where the save button was not activated on log technician modal
  • Resolved - an UI issue for the reporting screen related to horizontal scroll and reordering columns
  • Resolved - an issue where the user is not able to change the quantities on a service job line item
  • Resolved - an issue where Due in/Promised date was being deleted
  • Implemented - a fix to not show delete action for already committed options on deal
  • Changed - provided an option to have backdate as invoice date on finalizing deal which is having cost withheld FI product
  • Correction - made for profitability shown on the view part preview screen
  • Resolved - an issue where tax was not being handled properly on negative unit cost adjustments which generated vendor credits in the accounting app
  • Resolved - an issue to ensure that price withheld F&I Products are not included in the Sales total on the Profitability screen
  • Resolved - an issue which allowed the user to remove a unit from a deal that had committed options.  Now a deal unit cannot be removed if it has any deal options
  • Changed - added validation to restrict users from adding the same required item on multiple VO’s
  • Resolved - an issue which allowed Shopify to create a duplicate customer in BP which was caused by the pre-existing customer having been made Inactive. Now the pre-existing customer will be reactivated
  • Changed - added a validation that if the Vendor Order is received then the user will not be able to lock that Vendor Order from the duplicate tab
  • Resolved - fixed an issue where part pricing was not updated when markup controlled and applied from an associated vendor in case of a large data set
  • Resolved - fixed an issue where deal merch cost doubled on profitability screen for a reopen invoice
  • Resolved - fixed part count pagination issue
  • Resolved - fixed an alert message when finalizing check out
  • Resolved - an error stating to provide the dealership country on the business profile while saving general configurations (internal)
  • Resolved - an issue where record funding payment disappears even if deal financing status is approved
  • Resolved - an issue to accept an email address while creating and editing a customer
  • Resolved - issue to show Billing Address on PartPickTicket Document
  • Resolved - an issue where part description is disappearing from kits on adding to service jobs
  • Changed - verification for duplicate tab issue for stock in button to stop duplicate units in stock
  • Resolved - an issue while breaking a kit
  • Changed - stopped users from submit a claim when service job status is "Estimate”
  • Resolved - an out of state address issue for customers when they are fetched from QBO  to BP
  • Release - Custom Forms that have been mapped and made available for specific Dealerships