What's new? 

Salesperson on Parts & Accessories / Service or Repair Job    

We have now exposed the Salesperson fields on Parts & Accessories and Service or Repair Jobs 

Just like the Unit Deals you will be able to assign multiple Salespersons to these transaction but unlike Unit Deals, you will be unable to indicate a Commission amount

By default it will be set to the Salesperson related to the login user who created the transaction 

Any Invoice Reporting will now properly reflect any Salesperson/s that have been assigned 

For further information, please review our article - Setup Customer Order - Salesperson

Internal Customer Order documents auto printing - Removed

Internal Invoices such as finalising Deal Service / Deal Merch will no longer auto generate a PDF of the Invoice in a new browser tab 

Remember that these Internal Invoices are not required (internal) so we have removed this auto generate PDF function

Printing of these types of invoices is still available in the Invoice History section of the relevant Customer Order 

Notes for Customer section is now available on Parts & Accessories section

The Notes for Customer section was always available on the Customer Order > Unit Deal and Service Job but we have now introduced this section on the Parts & Accessories section too

Remember that any text that has been typed into the Notes for Customer section will show on the relevant Customer end documents ie Parts Invoice


Unit VINs will now be Uppercase 

Unit VINs will now be converted and saved to uppercase regardless of how they were entered by the user 

CO checkout - Change due visibility

When finalizing the checkout and there is a Change Due amount, we are allowing the user to see this amount in the print modal window so it’s visible to the user when printing which may be their way of triggering a cash drawer to open

Customer Order attachments

Increased the size limit to 25MB to attach PDFs on Customer Order

For further information, please review our article - Customer Orders - Upload Forms / How to Add Forms - Manually or Linked (Automatically) / Adding Attachments 

Stock Unit Records - Service Order Job history

When viewing the service jobs history listing for a unit, a new column has been added to indicate the status of the job so you no longer have to guess if the CO is open or invoiced etc

Payroll Clocking / Job clocking - auto clock out

We have implemented a scheduled process at midnight everyday to automatically clock out any payroll clocking and/or job clocking entries which are active


  • if your tech has job clocked into a job at 4pm but then went home at 5.30pm without job clocking out of the job, then at midnight, they will be automatically clocked out 
  • if your tech payroll clocked in but forgot to payroll clock out when they were leaving for the day, at midnight they will be automatically closed out 

What's Improved? 

Changed - DP360 will now work with Dealer Groups.  The Dealer Group ID will be needed to use this functionality 

Resolved - an issue encountered when working with a deal in multiple browser tabs which caused the deal to be invoiced twice

Resolved - an issue which was causing internal service errors when processing price file update notifications

Resolved - an intermittent issue which caused deal profitability on the CO screen to not be accurate

Resolved - an issue with removing notes from a customer record where they would not delete

Resolved - an issue encountered when changing the category on a unit multiple times and the inventory GL adjustment journal entry was not always executing

Resolved - an issue encountered when moving part line items between different types of sections and the committed qty was not always being handled correctly

Resolved - an issue encountered when using a deposit in checkout when and the checkout total was negative

Resolved - When tax codes are deleted or deactivated they are now removed from the tax code mapping screen in accounting integration setup

Released - Mapped forms for specific dealership that required new fields developed 

Resolved - issues encountered when trying to sort by order number in a customer order report

Resolved - an issue which was incorrectly allowing a user to to add cost adjustments to a unit that is inactive

Resolved - an issue encountered when creating a temporary unit on a unit deal and the cost price from Unit pricing and options was not being used

Resolved - an issue where the deal invoice number was not shown against used deposit

Resolved - an issue where tax was not calculated properly on moving line items in case of Enhanced tax calculation enabled

Resolved - an issue where a unit was disappearing from the service job on changing the status

Resolved - an issue where financing numbers (estimated payment) were different from the CO screen vs printing

Resolved - an issue encountered when importing a processed price file and the external link for the price file contained special characters

Resolved - an issue where part/sublet is not shown as needed under parts needed report when changing customer order status from quote to open

Resolved - fixed and removed duplicate lines going to QBO with vendor credit  bill on vendor return when there were cost variances between the Approved and Credit statuses

Resolved - an issue where the list of models is getting cut off after a certain amount of models listed on bulk assigning Factory Options to models

Resolved - an issue which printed a blank page at the end when printing quote only service jobs
Searching customer orders by customer name is now showing open customer orders first

Resolved - an issue encountered when deleting factory options on the Add/Edit unit order screen.

Resolved - an issue where the watermark on quote was oversized and hard to read.

Resolved - an issue unit price was not shown completely on email for Bill of sale

Resolved - an issue where a Shopify order went through to Blackpurl twice.

Resolved - an issue and total due is shown to zero on Xero now in case commission is payable by the finance company

Revolved - the issue when the Ordered date is shown incorrectly after the unit has been stocked from the vendor on the view unit screen

Resolved - a date issue for the scenario when added an LCA in unit receiving and does not select a vendor, the date on the journal entry for the LCA is one day prior to what it should be
Corrected - service job report where unit data field values are not shown correctly in preview and pdf exports
Corrected - vendor order print where  the Logo was distorted. Changes are made to show them similar to customer order invoice print.

Resolved - a QB sync issue for vendor return
Changed - Active Sublet Report by adding a new standard column on this report labelled as “Sublet Accrual” and populated it with total cost of sublet when sublet is stocked in

Resolved - Active Sublet Report, the total cost has been corrected so that the cost as entered on the VR and VI is now reflected in this report 

Resolved - a sorting issue on CO number for customer order report

Resolved - an issue to create a new customer from the sales screen using a new STA web component on customer order

Resolved - an issue where the system adds the wrong part to the using new STA web component on customer order
Resolved - a print issue where Bill of sales are printed in one extra page and not using empty space from the previous page
Resolved - an issue where the notes area on the customer order page disappeared on adding a labor
Changed - eleting a Time Clocking Staff member has now changed to deactivating the record instead of deleting it

Resolved - an issue where taxes were calculated incorrectly on moving labor from one customer order to another customer order