What's new? 

Report Scheduling    BETA TESTER 

This feature is currently with our Beta Tester and once it has passed all testing it will be released to all Dealerships

We have implemented the ability to schedule a limited number of common and custom reports to be automatically run Daily / Weekly / Monthly at a nominated time and then the report result emailed as csv format file to licenced BP users

At the moment this feature will only be available for those reports that do not have multiple search result requirements but we will be working to expand this availability

Once this feature has pass the beta testing, it will be released to all dealerships 

For further information, please review our article - Reporting - Scheduled Reporting

All Search to Add on Customer Orders    BETA TESTER 

We have introduced a new web component for Search to Add (STA) for Customer Order which is currently with our Beta Tester and once it has passed all testing, it will be released to all Dealerships 

Basically we have standarized these elements which will not only improve performance of searching but also give the user the ability to see all search resulted instead of just the limited number of top results 

The user will notice a new icon next to the STA section

When you click on the icon, the user can select the filters to use - for example: the user only wants to see search results for PARTS so the user would click the Part checkbox 

These options available for selection may differ according to the STA they are using ie the STA in the Unit Deals has the above options 

Deal Forms - Print All Action 

When printing mapped forms from the Document section on Unit Deal, the only option was to print each form separately 

With this feature we have introduced a action button

Using this new action, it will result in all mapped formed being combined into a single PDF document in a new browser tab 

Manually added deal documents, non mapped documents will continue to generate their own PDF document in new browser tabs 

Reporting Deal Units - Updated 

The Deal Unit Report has been updated to provide more flexible reporting of deal units especially with regards to costs and profitability 

We have provided additional columns as well as more options for totals

For further details please review our updated article - Reporting - Active Unit Deals / Deal Units (Unit Deals with Temporary or Stocked or Consignment Units)

Customer Record - Updated 

We have introduced new fields on the Customer Record: 

  • Middle name

  • County

  • Tax ID#

  • Ag/Other ID#

These new fields will be made available when create a new Customer as well as the edit action on an existing Customer Record

What's Improved? 

Resolved - an issue where the unit disappears from service jobs and reappears on page refresh

Resolved - a delete customer order issue where sublet is moved from one customer order to another and now the user is trying to delete blank custom order

Resolved - an issue where the user was not able to save settings & controls under system setting caused by the previously selected fee code being made inactive.  Now that fee code cannot be deactivated when it is in use in these settings

Changed - uploaded pictures for a stock unit are displayed in the order in which they were uploaded

Resolved - an UI issue for tablet devices that make it difficult to use adding parts

Resolved - COA resyncing issue for Xero which caused GL mappings to be dropped 

Changed - setup of the sync failure notifications 

Resolved -  an issue while running batch Job for A/R balance for customer order specially on orgs where Xero is connected

Resolved - Fixed a size issue with a new component for STA on replacing units for internal service jobs
Released - mapped forms that were waiting for new fields to be developed

Changed - reverted new columns from common filters added for Deal unit report while deploying report scheduling feature

Changed - Change has been implemented to show the middle name for the customer when it creates a deal using DP360 integration
Resolved - Fixed and handled Apex job error on finalizing unit options and fee