What's new? 

Accounts Receivable Balances in Accounting Package is now visible in Blackpurl

For those Dealerships that have accounting integration and also run debtor accounts (Charge on Account), we have allowed for any customers that have an Accounts Receivable Balance in the Accounting Package to be now visible in Blackpurl

  • On the relevant Customer Record itself

  • When processing a Customer Order for that relevant Customer within the Customer information and also the Invoice History sections

This will be allow all staff to be able to see if anything is outstanding to the Dealership when actually serving the customer and then be able to in an instance be able to do a Payment of Account action directly from the Customer Order 

Where can you see this information:

  • Customer order > Customer information section 

Note the indicator  in the customer header section to indicate there is an Accounts Receivable (A/R) Balance outstanding then within the Customer section details of the A/R Balance and the option to Receive payment of Account


  • Customer order > Invoice History section

Note the new A/R Balance column 

  • Customer Record 

Note the A/R Balance details 

  • Reporting > Customer Invoice 

The user can filter using AR Balance (Great than 0) and also have the option of adding a new column - AR Balance 

For further information, please review our article - Accounts Receivable Balances in Accounting Package is now visible in Blackpurl

Unit Mileage on Deal Units 

When units or trade ins are added to a Unit Deal, the mileage field is now available on the deal screen and are populated with the current mileage of the unit from the relevant Unit Record

The user now has the ability to change both the mileage and mileage type directly on the Unit Deal section

Any changes made will not alter the mileage on the source unit but will be applied to the unit records generated from finalising the deal ie when the trade in unit is stocked, the unit record will keep the new mileage and mileage type 

Deal documents will also use the mileage fields from the Deal instead of the source unit


What's Improved? 

Resolved - a customer creation issue when creating deals from DP360 leads

Resolved - an issue where the unit profit percent on unit records was not being shown when the price was zero

Resolved - an issue which resulted in Part inventory variances between BP and QB/Xero.  This issue only occurred in a specific scenario where and vendor invoice had all of the following conditions as true for a part:

  • Item has a variance between VR cost and VI cost

  • Item requires a pre-sold cost adjustment

  • Other charges are allocated via LCA

Resolved - issues selecting a Due In date for unit check in

Resolved - an issue where shop supplies were still being calculated on a job and its related labor was either removed or altered by the Claim Response process

Resolved - an issue in reporting where the output Preview / Apply button would be hidden from the user depending on screen resolution and browser zoom

Resolved - an issue which caused a consignment to fail to sync to accounting when there were other uninvoiced items on the CO

Changed - When linking an appointment to an existing job more information about the job is provided in the selector drop down such as job section name and unit details

Resolved - ICU Locale issues which prevented users from saving manually logged technician time

Resolved - an issue in the accounting integration category listing where the listing would show a GL account number but when you edit the category that GL field was blank.  Was related to GL accounts being removed from QB/Xero but they were still referenced on categories in BP

Resolved - a discrepancy created while technician hours are logged using job clocking.  Now clocking on/off jobs will be based on time in hours and minutes and not seconds