What's new? 

Vendor Order - Active Orders 

When creating a new Vendor Order (VO), if there are any existing VO’s for that vendor that are either Open or Locked, the user will be provided with a screen where they can see these existing VO’s and be provided with the option of selection one of these listed VOs if they want

For further information, please see Step 2 in one of these articles - How to Create A Vendor Order for a Customer Special Order (Parts and Sublets) / How to Process a Vendor Order for Parts Required for Stock

Vendor Receiving - Active Receivings

When creating a new Vendor Receiving (VR), if there are any existing VR’s for that vendor which are In Progress,  the user will be provided with a screen where they can see these existing VR’s and select to use one of them if they want

For further information, please see Step 3 in the article - How to Receipt / Receive Parts into your Inventory (including Sublets) - Vendor Receiving (VR)


Part Movement Report 

We have resolved performance issues encountered when generating the Part Movement report when including parts with no activity

Global Search 

We have improved Global Search performance by reducing the delay interval as well as when any paste event (cut and paste action into Global Search) is completed, we initiate a server call at the same time to also reduce delays

Customer Order > Unit Deal - Assign Salesperson

We have given the user the ability to now assign more than one sales person on a unit deal 

Simply click on  and then select the relevant salesperson

If you want to add more than one, simply perform the action again

Moving Customer Order Line Items 

Users now have the ability to move CO line items from one Customer Order to a different Customer Order

For further information, please review our updated article - Moving Customer Order Line Items - to a new section on the same Customer Order or to a Different Customer Order

Unit Records - HREF links

On Unit Records > Notes section we can now have rendered HREF Links

This means that the user can add a link to the Notes section and then be able to click on the link and take you directly to it 

Unit Record / Customer Owned Unit Record - Adding multiple images at once 

Instead of adding each image individually, we have made a change so that the user can add multiple images at once 

For further information, please review - How to Add Images on Unit Records / How to Delete Images from Unit Records

Customer Order - Adding / Importing multiple files at once 

Instead of adding each import file individually, we have made a change so that the user can add / import multiple files at once 

Unit Records - Unit Year 

Due to some suppliers and manufacturer issuing paperwork with future dates two years in advance, we have ensured that we will always provide the option on Unit Records and  On Order Units of selecting a year two years in advance

For example in the below screen shot - it is currently 2023 but we have given the users the option of selecting 2024 and 2025

Unit Deals - Selling Consignment Units 

We had previously presumed that all consignment stock units would be used but have since found that some of our Dealerships actually sell new consignment units as well

To allow for the selling of either new / used  consignment units, the Deal documents will no longer have the indicator of being new or used 


What's Improved? 

Resolved - an issue to stop incorrect claim deductible GST syncing to Xero (Australia only)

Changed - the positioning of the discount line shown on BOS documentation

Resolved - an issue where the service history for a unit was not following the VIN

Resolved - stopped inactive part search for STA and global search using SOSL implementation 

Resolved - exact match issues not sorting by last modified date for part searching using SOSL implementation

Changed - elastic search by removed log for request body required type error

Resolved - an issue when printing BOS where it is creating unnecessary blank space before page breaks

Resolved - an issue with CO line item update when adding line items in a quick manner

Implemented - a restriction to prevent a user from changing a part which is currently oversold to instead be a non-inventory part

Resolved - an issue where Shopify orders are not coming through to Blackpurl due to there being a large number of characters in customer addresses

Implemented - a better warning system for the user when Preferred Payments does not respond for the Salesforce controlled timeout period of 120 seconds

Implemented - Zebra barcode label formatting changes to bring them in line with the format used in Dymo

Changed - UI Icon alignments on Blackpurl Home Page

Resolved - an occasional issue encountered related to Applicable tax setting for customer pay type for service jobs
Resolved - an issue while creating a Scheduled Service appointment

Developed - and added metadata for the robust error handling for invalid grant error

Resolved - issues for price line items recalculations on service jobs

Resolved - an issue to finalize vendor invoices when user locale is set to English - Canada

Resolved - an Apex error - Script exception error on part aging batch execution

Resolved - an issue where the user is not able to scroll the VR screen until they refresh it in a specific scenario

Changed - auto-expand subsections on certain subsections on click at the primary section of a Customer Order

Developed - duplicate browser tab issues handled for the add, update, and delete of line items in any section of customer order

Resolved - issue to sync payment entry on CO invoice header for error of "Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document"

Resolved - an issue where edit unit screen not showing correct Price/Cost

Resolved - an issue where a non taxable amount is not shown in the Tax Detail report

Resolved - an issue where location is not created in Blackpurl but then part location is updated using part count tool

Changed - line items other than part should maintain the overridden price when job type is changed or customer is changed

Resolved - Part Movement report export issue.

Resolved - persistent unit sync issues which were reported while receiving multiple units

Changed - UI in Deal Summary section

Released - Mapped forms for specific Dealerships- the relevant Dealerships will be notified directly

Resolved - an Shopify/Superconnector issue where the SKU number for linked part is getting blank in Shopify

Resolved - an issue where incorrect customer address was shown on parts pick ticket

Resolved - an issue where fee price is not transferred to Claim Variance jobs

Resolved - an issue where moving fee line item reverts back to original FEE name

Resolved - an issue where disclaimers are being printed on the next page even though the first page still has space

Changed - made a change related to workflow while changing Cost pricing on a VR

Resolved - an error while refunding deposit.

Resolved - an issue where linked fee not adding on new cash sale CO created by selecting Kit from search to add

Resolved - errors where part price calculated incorrectly on recalculation

Changed - notification message under Search to Add when adding line items to customer order

Changed - the notification banner inside the APF tool

Changed - UI distorted dropdown to select values on part count tool / Settings & Control

Changed - UI in Price level grid 

Changed - font size for 'Add a new comment' button
Resolved - loader overlapping with text on Change and Delete customer action on customer order 

Resolved - an error where Service job CO, 'Labor, parts & job items' section showed blank after changing 'Who is paying for the job?' field.

Changed - Invoices and Invoice Previews which contain service jobs are changed to have the same Unit Data fields now that we are already including on Job Review and Job Work

Resolved - an issue where base cost is changing for units on adjustments

Changed - disabled duplicate tab handling on customer order to avoid refresh screen issue before user makes any change to customer order

Resolved - an issue where the user was not able to assign a salesperson to a deal

Resolved - an accounting sync issue encountered when a service claim had a zero total yet also had a deductible

Resolved - an issue with scheduler appointments not being displayed because one job did not have a status assigned to it

Resolved - an issue where the service history on a unit was listing the Last modified date instead of the Invoice date

Resolved - an issue where the Options & fees total in the deal summary was not always being updated properly

Resolved - an issue where the break up kit action would not always break up the kit

Resolved - issues with the Duplicate browser tab warning being given to the user incorrectly

Resolved - a UI issue in the VI other charges where Item/Description was wrapping on the screen

Resolved - a minor UI issue where a service section would not always be properly expanded

Changed - Ship via code for American Honda Export Format for vendor order. Changed from 4 to 3

Changed - Zebra label printing overlapping issue by truncated store name to 30 characters and location to 8 characters
Changed - the object schema for the "Unit Model" entity to allow reparenting. Additionally, a script has been developed to consolidate and merge information concerning make, model, and their associated records