What's new? 

Archiving Customer Order Quotations 

Dealerships can now control how long quote Customer Orders remain active in their Blackpurl

Dealerships can decide when they want the Customer Orders quote to automatically archived as well as when they wish for the Customer Order quote to automatically delete from Blackpurl 

By default when this feature is rolled out the system setting will not be setup but if the Dealership wishes to use this setting, this is the relevant article they will need to review - Archiving / Deleting Customer Order Quotes

Move Logged Job Clocking Hours 

We have now given the Dealership the ability to move technician hours logged onto a Service Job to either a different Service Job on the same Customer Order or to another Customer Order > Service Job altogether 

To find out how, please review our article - How to Manage Job Clocking - Change / Delete / Move on a Service Job

Optional message when emailing out of Blackpurl 

We now give the Dealership the option to enter a personalise message which will be included in the body of the email, when emailing documents from a Customer Order


Lock in Price on Unit Deal

There is a new toggle in the Unit Deal > Edit Pricing screen that will allow Users to indicate that the selling price is to be locked in

When it is locked, external updates to the units pricing / costing will not alter the pricing set on the deal 

By default every Unit Deal will be set to NO

Click on

Then move the toggle to YES (as required) - Don't forget to  

Listing of Customer Orders on Customer Records

Depending on the status of the Customer Order is where the Customer Order will list on the Customer Record

For Customer Orders that are active, they will list in the Active Order section

For Customer Orders that are still in quote status, they will list in the Active Quote section

Zebra Barcode Label Printers 

We are looking to be able to provide another Barcode Label Printer option - the Zebra family of label printers and we are currently testing this with our beta testers 

If you have a Zebra Barcode Label Printer and want to be one of our beta testers, please reach out to your Customer Success Managers 

Once the testing is complete, this option will be available to all Dealerships as an alternative to Dymo Barcode Printers

What's Improved? 

Resolved - fixed an issue to stop inventory out where variance entries were not going to QB and Xero on vendor invoice when Landed cost adjustment applied to line items

Corrected - spelling mistake when running Active Receiving Report in one of the Columns

Resolved - a CO invoice sync issue where it was throwing an error that tax amount must be between zero and Lien amount

Resolved - multiple issues where attempting to revert the financing deposit gives invalid error

Changed - name is changed of browser tab to match - Processed Price Files

Testing - setup of using Zebra family of Label Printers as an alternative to Dymo

Resolved - the Dymo web service dependency for previewing and getting the barcode label printed using Zebra

Performance Improvement - Search implementation for parts to improve performance of global search / Search to Add (STA) on COs

Resolved - an issue while posting files to FTP.

Resolved - an issue where stamp duty is not getting saved in deal summary in case toggle enable to enforce rideaway pricing

Resolved - issue for Parts Movement Report where figures were not shown correctly

Resolved - duplicate tab issue to sync vendor receiving

Resolved - issues for different status of parts

Resolved - an issue to fix service job work status

Resolved - BRP Price file package part issue

Resolved - Script is provided to fix out of state issues for existing records while editing customers

Resolved - an issue to stop blank customer orders from Shopify to Blackpurl

Resolved - an issue where sublets were not transferred correctly in case the claim for service job is denied

Resolved - an issue when an incorrect unit was shown in service history if customers had two units and that unit was sold to another customer

Resolved - an issue where the stock unit report was not loading if that is sorted on the ‘Age’ column

Resolved - an issue where ShopifyID was not shown in the customer order summary section
Resolved - an issue while searching a part after SOSL implementation

Resolved - a part scanning issue on customer order after SOSL implementation