What's new?

Service Job - Adding more Statuses

Dealerships have been asking us to add more Service Job Statuses

With this new release, we have not only added new statuses but we have also provided the Dealerships with the ability to pick and choose which statuses they want to use in their Dealership

All existing service jobs are automatically updated to use the new statuses

This article will explain further - Service Job Statuses - Selecting and then Using / Ready to Invoice Enforcement

Service Job - Ready to Invoice enforcement 

Dealerships have also been asking for the ability to enforce the action Ready to Invoice 

With this release we have also given the Dealership this action

This will allow Dealerships to define a specific Service Job process of reviewing the Service Jobs prior to Invoicing the relevant Service Job

This article will explain further - Service Job Statuses - Selecting and then Using / Ready to Invoice Enforcement

Parts and Accessories / Service Jobs - New Part status indicator

The Parts and Accessories and the Service Job sections have a new part status indicator which will give the User a quick way of knowing the general status of the parts on the relevant section on the Customer Order

The following are the different Status values you may see:

  • None - means the section does not contain any parts

  • Need to order - means the section contains parts that are waiting to be ordered

  • On order - means the section contains parts which are on order and not yet received

  • All in stock - means all parts in the section are in stock and committed to the customer order

  • Fulfilled - means that all parts in the section have been invoiced out

This is an example of the part status indicator and how it may show on a Service Job or Parts & Accessories section: 

Landed Cost Adjustment 

These is also another feature that our Dealerships have been requesting - Landed Cost Adjustment

When a Dealership receives parts from their vendor they quite often incur other costs on the Vendor Invoice besides the costs of the parts themselves

These other costs typically are for charges such as freight/shipping or environmental fees and would typically be recorded as a fee in the Other Charges section of a Vendor Invoice

Dealerships have been asking for a way for these Other Charges to be included as part of the final inventory cost of those parts received as would enable the Dealerships to reflect a more accurate profitability on the parts when the parts are sold

The release of this feature will allow Dealerships to be able to do this - it is referred to as Landed Cost Adjustments or LCA

Please discuss this feature with your Dealership to see if you will be taking the advantage of this feature going forward 

This article will provide further information - Landed Cost Adjustment (LCA)

Vendor Order / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoice - further information is now being provided 

Additional information is now exposed on these transactions such as

  • Name of user who created it

  • When it was last modified and by who

  • Date when finalized

An example of this further information: 

Reporting - Part Inventory Valuation 

We have updated this report so that by default it will include all parts with either an in-stock qty OR an oversold qty

The relevant parameters / filters is now referred to as the Inventory Quantity 

Please review our article if you need further information - Reporting - Part Inventory Valuation 

Multi-factor Authentication

There is now the ability to enable multi-factor authentication for licensed user accounts as an added layer of security

This feature is currently being rolled out to a few of our Dealerships

For further information, please review this article - Multi Factor Authentication for User Logins

Service Job - Third Party Claims which have been Denied

Third-party service jobs which have a Denied Claim status will now show as Claim: Denied in the Service Job section header

Customer Order Checkout - Showing Unused Deposits 

Whenever there are unused deposits, this Payment Method button will now appear as the first payment method highlighted in red so that it stands out

This change was needed to make ensure that Dealerships were aware that there were unused Deposit funds available


Emailing Documents from Customer Orders

Whenever any document is emailed from a Customer Order we will generate an entry in the Internal Comments section of the Customer Order to indicate Date / Time / what document was emailed to what email address 

Example below is the Internal Comments section when emailing an Invoice Preview 

Reportable Dates added to Part Records

New reportable date fields are now exposed on Part Records to indicate the Date last manually edited and Date of last price change

These fields in the Statistic section on the Part Records 

This will allow you to run Part Reports and be able to filter the reports based on these new fields or add the columns for these new fields

For instance if you want to list parts that had a price update in the last 7 days (maybe you need to print out new barcode labels for the Dealership), then you can run a report such as the example below and add the column Last Price Update

Accounting Integration - Transaction syncing indicator 

We have added a transaction syncing state indicator to the Accounting Integration > Accounting Provider screen to clearly show that syncing is either enabled or disable

We have updated the messaging for successful mapping to no longer infer that syncing was enabled

What's Improved? 

  • Resolved - an issue in the price file import tool which caused the package qty selectors to not behave properly
  • Resolved - an issue which was forcing a second login to the customers org when connecting QB to BP
  • Resolved - an issue which caused the accounting response from the API to not be properly populated on the BP record
  • Resolved - an issue where part retail price was not being calculated on newly created parts when vendor controlled pricing is enabled
  • Resolved - an issue where tax was not always being recalculated properly in turn causing accounting sync failures
  • Resolved - an issue which prevented a user from removing a time clocking staff member
  • Resolved - an intermittent issue which cause duplicate accounting entries for a VR
  • Resolved - an issue where the user cannot checkout deductible and the finalize button is missing for a third party service job
  • Resolved - issues where the job clocking screen is not having all possible service jobs with different status
  • Updated - BRP/Blackpurl credentials due to BRP updating their API (internal)
  • Resolved - an issue where all of the items have been removed from customer order but it is still showing shop supplies owing
  • Resolved - an issue where users add parts from picklist using csv that is having part number with leading white space then part is not added on customer order
  • Resolved - an issue for part needed report where the Last Modified date for every line item is always the same
  • Resolved - an issue where the account reconciliation job was failing
  • Resolved - an issue where a customer created by Shopify USA and it does not have any State linked with Country
  • Change - Implemented a change to transfer fee description and amount to customer type service job  when claim is denied
  • Change - Work Email is shown in the list of email selector at invoice email on CO
  • Resolved - an issue to print the Contract of Sale form for the deal which has only trade in units
  • Change - Part cost is used in transactions if the average cost of part is zero / blank
  • Resolved - an issue where service job reports would not load without error
  • Resolved - a number of small issues in the new global search
  • Resolved - an issue where deactivated parts were not removed from the new global search
  • Resolved - an issue which generated duplicate VR journal entries in QB
  • Resolved - an issue where the job review document did not show a zero balance for an invoiced job
  • Resolved - an issue where the part record vital statistics blocks would become overlapped for certain screen resolutions
  • Resolved - an issue which caused the totals on a VR to not be in agreement with the line items on the VR
  • Resolved - an issue which resulted in inconsistent VI totals between BP and QB/Xero
  • Change - Implemented restriction to prevent user from deactivating a customer/vendor when they have a balance due in QB/Xero
  • Resolved - issue where three decimal places were being stored on costs causing rounding issues and accounting sync failures
  • Resolved - an issue which prevented an invoice from being reopened when there was an issue encountered on the first attempt
  • Resolved - an issue where some Fee code records still had costs on them from prior to cost on fees logic being disabled quite some time ago
  • Implemented - additional controls in the integrated BRP price file API to ensure that missing supersession data on the BRP side would not remove all supersession references on the BP side
  • Resolved - an issue which caused a fee to be included in CO profitability when the fee code was flagged to not be included
  • Resolved - an issue where labor cost was not shown in CO profitability.
  • Resolved - an issue where commit receiving showed too many SOQL errors while receiving parts from the vendor
  • Resolved - an issue where the full customer information was not being shown on the customer owned unit screen
  • Changed - the Save action button in customer order has been removed for touch screen devices
  • Resolved - an issue where the tag list was not available while searching the customer unit report
  • Resolved - an issue while uploading large size files to FTP
  • Changed - Implemented a change for a case when the price file is imported the BP part record prices and cost should not be updated to zero just because the price file has zero price/cost
  • Changed - service job report for Open and Active filters
  • Released - mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly