What's new?

Part Cost Control 

This feature provides the User with the following new functionalities:

  • Ability to control when last cost on a part gets changed so that the part record can retain the “normal” purchase cost from the vendor

  • A warning system for when the user enters a cost and it is significantly different from the current cost on the part

This way the user can be made aware of potential mistakes they may be making when entering a part cost

  • Ability to enter discounted costs in Vendor Receiving just like they can in Vendor Invoicing

This way it is easier for the user to reconcile their VR especially when they are receiving from an actual invoice

For further details, please review this article - Part Cost Control Feature


Units shown in DP360 will be updated to inactive when the unit has been invoiced out on a Customer Order > Unit Deal in Blackpurl

For those Dealerships with DP360 - if you would like the sold units to be removed from your DP360, please let us know.

Fulfilling Special Order Requirement from Vendor Receiving Directly

When fulfilling a Customer Order Special Order requirement directly from a Vendor Receiving, an internal comment will automatically generate in the Customer Order > Internal Comments section 

This is an example of how it will appear and the information that the Internal comments will contain:

Updated Tax Detail Report 

We have made significant changes to the Tax Detail Report that will benefit Dealerships that have a large number of defined tax rates

The changes to the Tax Detail Report include:

  • When you first click on Tax Detail Report, it will automatically show the parameter / filter section as we want the User to define the report straight away ie what they want to see / what date range etc

  • All transaction that have taxes will now be included in this report (including Unit Invoices / Vendor Returns / Unit Cost Adjustments for Vendors specific and Customer specific)

  • Allow the User to now select which Tax Types they want on the Report - Selling or Purchasing or All 


The User will also be able to select which taxes within Selling or Purchasing that they want on the report 

Keeping in mind that the new version of this report is only going to be reporting tax rates which were used during the selected time period, the only reason a User would need to change this filter would be if they wanted to focus on just one or a few tax rates in their report results

  • The results for non-taxable transactions and items on transactions will also show on the report 

  • This date filter will continue to default to the last fully completed month

However we now provide the User with the ability to select a date range of up to 3 months to better facilitate quarterly reporting

  • Reformatting of the Report

You will notice that the taxes will now show as line items instead of columns

This means that if a transaction has 3 different taxes, they will list as three different line items on the report 

Only those taxes that have been used within the date range given, will list in the report 

While this may at first look like an unusual way to list this information, the true benefit of this structure comes in the sidebar totals and how the results are organized when the results are output to CSV or PDF as noted in the following:

Sidebar totals:

Since this new version of the report only includes tax rates which were used by transactions listed in the report, the updated sidebar totals will only give values for those tax rates


This means that even if a system has a very large number of tax rates defined, we are now only providing totals for those tax rates being listed in the report contents

This gives the user quick access to the Taxable and Tax amounts for each tax rate that was used by reported transactions

Output grouping:

When the report listing is output either as a preview or to a format like CSV or PDF, the records listed on the screen will automatically be grouped by the tax rate

For further information on this report, please review our article - Reporting - Tax Detail

Tax Invoices for Service Jobs 

We have now included the Plate# field from the Unit Record to show on the Tax Invoices for Service Jobs

New User Permissions 

We have introduced new User Permissions based on the feedback / suggestions from our Dealerships

These new User Permissions include:

  • To restrict ability to view the Customer Order Profitability tool

  • To restrict View / modify of commissions on Customer Order > Unit Deals 

  • To restrict ability to adjust store credits on customer records

  • To restrict ability to set a Customer Order > Unit Deal to approved

  • More controls for the System Settings sections - who can see what etc

  • Reorganized permissions listing to better align with the Permission groupings

For further information, please review our article - Current User Permissions

Deal Unit Tax Control Option

Until now only part, labor and sublet deal unit options were taxed based on the Applicable Tax indicated on the Unit Deal  

This new feature introduces a new optional toggle which allows the user to indicate that they want ALL of the deal unit options to be taxed based on the Applicable Tax selected for the unit 

For example - this will mean that fees that use to control their own tax rates would also fall under the Applicable Tax that is indicated on the Unit Deal

For further information, please review our article - Deal Unit Specific Tax Rates / Deal Unit Tax Control Option

Preferred Payments

We have updated wording in the timeout modal window to clearly indicate to the user that Blackpurl will not be recording the payment because of a timeout and that the user MUST cancel the transaction on the terminal

What's Improved? 

  • Improvements - User Interface (UI) on the Job Clocking and Payroll Clocking screens:
  • Drop down selection issues
  • Alignment/overlapping issues
  • Loading issue
  • Global search UI glitch
  • Changes - to BRP Integration: 
  • Service history API change to resolve article issue
  • Resolve UI issue to expand/collapse articles
  • Resolved - an issue while adding users from the front end

  • Resolved - an issue for customer order was not loading after selection of customer for a scenario where customer is having a large number of Customer Owned Units (COU)

  • Resolved - too many SOQL errors when VR is having more than hundred line items

  • Completed - Script to update the DP360 unit to inactive for existing sold units

  • Resolved - an error  'List has no rows for assignment to SObjects' on commit receiving when the related vendor is not having any default PO type

  • Resolved - an issue with reports where the apply button was not working

  • Resolved - Show correct formatting for phone number on customer invoices according to the customer's country

  • Resolved - an issue where payments are accepted twice from the view customer screen opened in two different tabs

  • Resolved - an issue where the AR payment list is now shown on the customer deposit window

  • Resolved - the accounting entries posted for the cost adjustment have now been corrected to align with the actual adjustment done to the part

  • Resolved - Dymo print issue where label template XML files were not available

  • Resolved - an issue where the user could not view all locations in location management when there was a very large number of locations defined

  • Resolved - issue with missing “Add Financing” action on newly created deals with temporary units

  • Resolved - issue on the Special Order Summary report where it was not including transactions of the “Service” sale type

  • Resolve - date selection issue in reports encountered after a date range had already been selected

  • Resolved - an issue where there was a delay in displaying the unit information on a deal

  • Resolved - Automated Price File Import error where Shopify integration is enabled

  • Removed - reference to MYOB AccountRight in the Accounting Integration setup screen

  • Resolved - an issue with the deal option status when adding fee on deal after invoicing deal service

  • Resolved - an issue where customers deactivated in BP were not being made inactive and archived in Xero

  • Resolved - an issue which allowed the creation of a new count session to add a part which was already added to an active count session

  • Resolved - an alignment issue for the printed/emailed Bill Of Sale

  • Resolved - an issue encountered when working with the factory options for a deal temporary unit where the user could not see all of the values on a line item without excessive horizontal scrolling

  • Released - Mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly