This article will cover how we suggest your handle rental units using Blackpurl


Non Inventory Part/s

  • Set each of the rental units up as non inventory parts with a fictitious vendor (maybe the Dealership name) – this will allow you to see if the rental units are available for rental etc in reporting

Don’t worry about costings etc when you create these “part records”

If you want to keep them completely separate, you can create a Parts category called Rental and assign this category to these “parts”

Rental Fees

  • Create a FEE Category in account integration and assign the General Ledger where you want the rental income to go in your accounting
  • Then create your Rental Fees ie Fee for Rental Daily / Fee for Rental Weekly / Fee for Rental Monthly and assign the Category that was created above with the relevant rates 

How to Process

  • Create a Customer Order > Parts and Accessories for the Customer who is renting your unit 

The Dealership may want to setup a transaction type for Rental so you can report just rental transactions that would be up to the Dealership

  • Add the non inventory part for the unit they are renting (with no price) - see line 1 in our example below 

then add the relevant FEE (with the rental price) - see line 2 in our example below


  • This will allow you to take a deposit (if required) – some places take a rental security deposit by click on the Deposit button and processing the Deposit as normal


  • Then issue the Customer Invoice for the Rental FEE line item only for them to pay before taking the rental etc

DO NOT INVOICE the non inventory part


  • This will leave the CO open so you know where the unit is – remember you didn’t bill out the non inventory part

On the Part Record you will be able to see which CO it is still attached to rented out on etc

  • When the unit is returned, just refund the security deposit on the CO and delete the line item for the non – inventory part and the CO will close out automatically



  • To see if Rental Units are available – run a Parts Report for the vendor you used on your non inventory parts to see the status of them ie Out of Stock means they have been rented / Available means that they are available for rent