Are you prepared to continue trading if the computers are not working ??

Recent events in the world have reminded us of how reliant we are on Information Technology to operate our businesses, and how disruptive it is when a system fails. Reasons include:

  • Power Grid outage

  • Wildfire damage to infrastructure

  • Weather events such as storms and extreme cold

  • Internet Provider failure

  • Computer Server hardware failure

  • Cyber Attacks

Naturally these events are beyond most businesses control and when they occur we usually have minimal warning. That is why all businesses would be prudent to have a Data Emergency Plan documented and ready to go.

Because Blackpurl is a Cloud based Platform, your cellphone network is the most immediate backup. Do you have a charged Tablet always ready at hand in the Dealership ?? Tether to your mobile phone and you will be able to do the important actions.

  • An emergency plan is just like an Insurance Policy. You hope you never have to use it, but are grateful you have one if required.
  • Remember that businesses operated just fine on paper systems decades ago. Just slowly.
  • However, it is difficult to be efficient without information technology in our modern economy. If challenged by an IT failure, how do we continue to function until the situation is rectified? 
  • A manual backup system is less efficient, but better than not being able to trade.

So start by asking what are the essential activities that must continue in event of an IT failure? How can we manage temporarily with a manual system? Suggestions are tabled below:




Service Invoice

Have a carbon copy Invoice book available to produce manual invoices. Load information into Blackpurl once the system is active again.

Service Worksheet

Carbon copy book. Service writer manually record vehicle details and instructions. Original goes to technician, they record hours worked and parts used for return to writer once completed.

Parts Counter Sales

A manually written invoice in a carbon copy book will suffice. Customer has a record, and the copy pages can be used to load transactions into Blackpurl once system is back online

Parts Pricing

Are all your parts labelled and priced? If not, then a good practice is to download your inventory once a month and store in a paper form, or on a local hard drive such as a notebook computer (detail on how to download listed below)

Parts OrderingDo you have your major Vendor email and phone details manually recorded in a safe place?

Parts Inventory Price and Availability

Blackpurl has the functionality to help.

  • At a regular interval run the Part Inventory Valuation report

This is the link to the relevant article on how to run this report - Reporting - Part Valuation 

  • Change the search parameter, to report on Quantity Available greater than zero
  • Then export to CSV file or print a hard copy

Our preference is to export to CSV and save to a laptop computer. You then have the ability to search the price and location of any part you keep in stock. Naturally it may not be as accurate as real time data due to stock movements, but it will be very close.

The Blackpurl Team hopes you never are challenged by an IT failure, but a simple and clear plan will lower the stress levels if it ever happens.