Up until the time that the Dealership invoices the Customer Order Unit Deal / Deal Service / Deal Merchandise, Blackpurl will allow the Dealership to be able to:

  • Swapping out and / or replace the unit even if the unit and options have been committed

Scenario - the Dealership has create a Customer Order Unit Deal but the Customer has changed their mind about which unit they want to buy

The Dealership has the option of Replace Unit and then selecting a replacement unit 

Other information:

  • The Unit Deal / Deal Service must not be invoiced
    If the Unit Deal and/or Deal Service is invoiced, the Dealership can uninvoice any relevant invoices by following the instructions on this article - Reopen Invoiced Customer Orders 

  • The Dealership will need to confirm that any committed options, will be transferred over to the new unit 

If the committed options are to change, Blackpurl does allow the Dealership to change the options once the Deal Service have been swapped over to the new unit

  • Add Additional Options to the Unit Deal even if the current options have already been committed

Scenario - The Customer has decided that they want to purchase additional options (even after the Dealership has committed the current options to the Unit Deal) 

Blackpurl will allow the Dealership to add additional options - just Scan and search to add items

There is a Status section on each line item that will tell you the status ie In Stock / Committed  

Other information:

  • If the Dealership adds additional options to a Unit Deal (where the other options have already been committed), the option status will change to

  • The Dealership will then be required to commit the new options and also confirm the existence of an existing Deal Service 

At which point a new Deal Service will generate for the newly added options that you just committed

  • Adding Additional Unit/s to the Customer Order Unit Deal  

Scenario - The Dealership has created a Customer Order Unit Deal for the purchase of a boat and have committed both the Unit and Options but now the Customer had decided to purchase a Trailer too

In the Deal action section - click on and search for the additional unit

Once you have added the new unit, you can add new options etc but remember that you will need to commit those options as well