What’s new?

ReOpen Customer Order Invoices 

  • The user can now reopen all types of invoices which are generated from customer order
  • The action for reopening an invoice is now found in the Invoice History section of a Customer Order with a reopen icon to the right of each invoice
  • The user will be informed of any reasons why a particular invoice cannot be reopened
  • For further information, please review our article - Reopen Invoiced Customer Orders

Make / Model / Sub Model Descriptions are now available on Temporary Units

What’s improved?

  • Resolved - issue caused by the Account Type on a customer being blank.  The logic was changed so that the default account type to be used in this scenario
  • Resolved - an issue where the Needed By value was not being populated on Vendor Order line items
  • Resolved - an issue with the importing files into the Part Count Tool which contained unsupported line breaks
  • Resolved - an issue with the Automated Price File importing where an error would occur and the user would not be notified and instead left with a never ending processing spinner.  The change is that when an error occurs we will retry three times before stopping the entire process for the user

    We have also increased the number of records processed per batch which will reduce the overall processing time to one third of its current speed

  • Resolved - an issue with invoicing a partially received item from a Customer Order where it was incorrectly applying current tax rates to the new line item instead of mirroring the existing line item.

  • Resolved - issue with what seemed like the incorrect part/description appearing on an open Customer Order after the user had modified the values on the actual part record

  • Resolved - an issue which caused a received Vendor Order item to appear as though it had not been received even though it had been

  • Resolved - issue which caused the product title on a Shopify product to be changed when the Qty or Price of a part record in BP changed / Resolved issue causing a duplication of products when new variants are published

  • Resolved - an issue with values not being rounded in VR which resulted in an accounting sync failure due to an OOB journal entry

  • Resolved - an issue which caused an exception error to occur when attempting to remove a part from a CO

  • Resolved - an issue related to backspacing in in a job notes field which caused additional blocks of notes to also be deleted

  • Performance Improvements that have been implemented on Customer Orders for the following items:

    • Initial load from selecting the Sell button

    • Assigning technicians to service job

  • Resolved - issue working with or creating a VR when the Vendor has over 100 active VOs in the system and the VR screen would not display
  • Correction - sync failures on CO Invoices Journals for Deal Merch and Deal Service. This issue was as the result of the introduction of 2.55.0
  • Resolved - issue with invoice summary report where the default filters were not automatically visible in the filter control drop down
  • Resolved - issue where drivers license field was shown as selectable in the other fields list yet it's not an available field on business customers
  • Resolved - issue with locations created during activations data load but duplicate locations were added because of location names had trailing spaces
  • Resolved - an issue with editing kits when the Dealership's Blackpurl had an excessive number of models assigned to a make
  • Resolved - capitalization issues in the temp unit action button on unit deals
  • Resolved - issue creating order units caused by the stock number not being removed from cancelled units
  • Resolved - issue which caused taxes not to be reset for a part moved from a merchandise section to a service job