This will allow the Dealership to require time clocking staff ie Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking to verify themselves by entering a PIN passcode.

How to enable this feature

This feature can be enabled through System Settings > Settings and Controls - Shop Settings then moving the relevant toggle to the enabled position on the following options:

  • Enforce Payroll PIN - this will require all payroll clocking staff to verify themselves when payroll clocking on
  • Enforce Technician PIN - this will require all job clocking staff to verify themselves when job clocking on

Setting up the PIN Passcodes for the relevant Users

Once the System Setting has been enabled, the relevant staff will need to be set up with PIN passcodes. 

To do this - System Settings > Users - Time Clocking staff then click EDIT or Edit & Manage on each relevant staff member

Once in the EDIT window, fill out the PIN Passcode - it can be numerals/letters and there is no minimum length then just SAVE

How it Works

When the relevant staff member goes to Payroll Clock on or Job Clock on, they will be asked to verify who they are by entering their PIN Passcode and then CONFIRM

Please note:

  • Login users with the User Permissions to Manage Payroll Clocking or to Manage Job Clocking are exempt from this PIN verification process

  • In addition to the Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking this PIN security has also been implemented in Customer Order Service Jobs for clocking on/off and assigning technician actions