This article will show a couple of scenarios when the Customer Owned Unit has been transferred between Customers Records

For example

In Blackpurl Unit ABC is shown as a Customer Owned Unit attached to Customer: Cathy Price but Cathy Price has sold the unit to Jaxon Ramsay

Scenario 1

Customer Zach Smith has booked in for a service on his Triumph Bonneville but when completing the ADD A NEW CUSTOMER OWNED UNIT window from a Customer Order Service Job, the unit is coming up as being already owned by Kristelle Dubois

  • It is at this point that we would simply click on User-added image 


  • Blackpurl will ask you to confirm the Transfer > click on User-added image

  • The unit (and the service history details) will transfer to the new owner Zach Smith Customer Record 


You will not have the option of Transferring Ownership if the unit is:

  • On an open Customer Order Service Job.  The indicator will be ACTIVE ON SERVICE JOB

User-added image

  • Listed as a Trade In on a Customer Order Unit Deal.  The indicator will be ACTIVE ON A DEAL

User-added image

Scenario 2 

In Blackpurl on the Customer Record of Cathy Ramsay, there is a Customer Owned Unit of:

2017 Harley-Davidson Touring - VIN 5HD12SD456

However, Cathy has told the dealership that she has sold this unit to John Price so we want to reflect this change and have the service history follow over to the new owner

  1. Navigate to the relevant Customer Owned Unit Record
On the Customer Owner Unit  Record, > click on the User-added image

User-added image
  1. The Transfer of Ownership will pop up
User-added image
Search for the relevant customer that the unit is getting transferred to. In our example, we have started typing "price" and the search results will start listing for you to click on which customer it is


User-added image

  1. Once your new owner is listing > click on User-added imageUser-added image
  2. Note the new owner is now listing on the Customer Owned Unit Record

User-added image

Other Information

Please note that you will not be able to use the above functionalities if you are transferring the Customer Owned Unit into stock as the Dealership would be "purchasing" the unit from the Customer (not just transferring it)

For this process you will need to do a Trade In Only Customer Order or purchase the unit through Unit Ordering and add the Customer name as a Vendor

These are the relevant articles

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