What's new?

Vendor Order / Vendor Receiving for Stock - Supersession 

  • Previously on Vender Orders (VO) and Vendor Receiving (VR) we had only given the user a notification that a part has a record of being superseded to another part number

  • Now when the line item on the VO or VR is for a Stock Need (not a Customer Special Order need), the user will have the option to update the VO or VR line item to now indicate the current part number
  • This action is even available to them if a supersession has yet to be set up for the part record.  This allows the user to create a new supersession relationship directly from VO or VR

Special Order Units 

  • We have now given Dealerships the ability to turn a temporary unit on a Customer Order Unit Deal into a special ordered unit in the Unit Ordering section  

  • This will save the Dealership having to retype all the information about the Unit into the Unit Ordering section

  • There will also now be a link between the Unit Ordering and the Customer Order for this On Order Special Unit

Unit Ordering - Ability to change the Vendor 

  • Dealership has already processed an On Order Unit under a specific vendor but that Vendor can no longer supply the unit OR the Dealership has processed an On Order Unit against the wrong Vendor

  • Using the edit functionality on On Order Units, the Dealership now has the option of changing the Vendor on an On Order Unit

What's Improved? 

  • Released - Mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly
  • Resolved - an issue where the loading icon was hanging on while editing/saving order units
  • Resolved - a performance issue for Accounting integration page and not fetching tax details if tax code is disabled for the org
  • Resolved - an issue where the "Stock in" button was missing from deal trade-in units
  • Changed - the CO recalculate pricing action to also update the MSRP on part line items