This article is Step 4C of Understanding Accounting Integration - Control Accounts > A/P Inventory Accrual

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Step 4C - Control Accounts - A/P Inventory Accrual 

A/P Inventory Accrual is short for Accounts Payable Inventory Accrual and the account type should be typically set up as a Current Liability and usually maintains a credit balance

It just allows Blackpurl to receive inventory into stock by a Vendor Receiving (VR) without having a corresponding invoice from the vendor (VI)

When a VR is finalized, the accounting transaction is a journal entry:

Debit - Inventory G/L

Credit - A/P Inventory Accrual 

See the example below of what the journal would look like in your accounting package:

Once the dealership processes the relevant Vendor Invoice (VI) then the transaction would look similar to this:

Debit - A/P Inventory Accrual 

Credit - Accounts Payable under the relevant Vendor name

The end result should have the A/P Inventory Accrual clearing out:



The balance of the Dealership's A/P Inventory Accrual General Ledger should be only those Blackpurl VR that have not yet had a VI finalized together with any Vendor Returns that have not finalized

You can run a report in your Blackpurl to find these VRs - Reporting - Active Receivings and a list of Vendor Returns - How to Create a Vendor Return for Parts and How to Report on Vendor Returns

Accounting entries to this A/P Inventory General Ledger account should never be made directly from the accounting application as its balance should always match with Blackpurl Receivings which have not been reconciled with a vendor invoice and unfinalised Vendor Returns