In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for the Dealership to complete a Parts Cost Adjustment.

For example, the stock on hand has been imported with no cost value.

  1. Navigate to the relevant Part Record screen > scroll down or click down to D Cost Tracking section > then click User-added image > Modify Cost Summary


  1. This will open up the Modify Cost Summary window to review the Cost Details:
  1. In the bottom section of the window is where you enter in your adjustment details:
For our example, we want to change the cost from zero to $14.00.  The entry will be as follows:

  1. Then click User-added image to bring up the Adjusted Cost Details section.
Please review this area to see if you are happy with the cost adjustment you are about to do as this is adjusting the valuation of this particular part.

  1. Click User-added image to finalize the cost adjustment.

 TIP:  For those Dealers that have Accounting Integration any Part Cost Adjustments WILL integrate over to your Accounting software.