This article is how to process a Customer Order > Unit Deal Quote for a Temporary Unit


An existing customer Jaxon Price is looking for a quote on a unit that the dealership doesn't have in stock

Our customer is also looking to add proposed options to the quote and a trade in

Remember that at the moment our customer is not committing to anything but is only after a price

  1. From the Blackpurl Header - Click User-added image

User-added image
  1. To select a customer, click on User-added image to open up the Select Customer section for your search options  

User-added image

  1. The Select an existing customer functionality will allow you to search by keywords ie surname / first name / mobile number / email address

As you start typing your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match. Then click on your selection

In our example our customer is Jaxon Price (existing customer) and we start the customer search using his surname as the keyword

Click on your selected customer

If your customer does not exist, simply click on and complete the Create New Customer fields

  1. After selecting your customer, select what type of Customer Order:
  • Start an Internal service

For our example we would select SELL A UNIT and a new UNIT DEAL section will automatically added to the Customer Order

  1. It is time to add our Temporary Unit (remember we do not have this unit in stock)

Click on  and complete what UNIT your customer is looking for a quote for

Then click

Add in the Total price / Total cost and then

For any Factory Options, click and then click

Once you have completed the details and the system will populate the Temporary Unit Details in the Unit Deal

**If the Dealership needs to change the details of the Temporary Unit ie price / add additional factory etc, then click and it will open up the Temporary Unit Details for you to edit

6.  Add any proposed Options & Fees that are being quoted with the unit by clicking in Scan and search to add 

items field and searching for them

For example our customer may be looking to add another type of muffler to the unit and want the dealership to do the install at the time of purchasing the unit

In that instance you would search for the relevant muffler (ensuring we make sure the Install toggle is green)

User-added image

** The system will advise the availability of stock at the time of processing this quotation BUT will not commit the stock to this quotation.

Repeat this step for each part / fee / labour that is getting quoted with the unit until all the items that you are quoting on are listing in the Options & Fees section

7.  If customer is looking for a quote for another unit, click User-added imagein the Deal actions section

This will add a Unit 2 section - Go to Step 5 to complete details for the 2nd unit

User-added image

8. If customer is looking for the quote to include a trade in, Click in the Deal actions section

User-added image

The system will list any Customer Owned Units that have been recorded on the Customer record for selection or you can add another Customer Owned Unit then click on

Complete the Trade In section ie Agreed Value etc

If they are looking to trade in more than 1 trade, Repeat this step for each trade in unit you need to add to the Unit Deal

9.   In the Checkout section see the status of the Deal (QUOTE) and how much the Deal has been calculated

for all units, all parts, labour and fees as well as it takes into consideration any trade ins

User-added image

Click on  to print an Offer to Purchase document if the customer requires a copy of the Quote

An important point to remember is that at the moment the deal is just a quote, there is no commitment to buy and it is just a temporary unit!

 If customer now wishes to accept your quotation, please review our article - How to Process a Unit Deal Quotation for a Temporary Unit into a Sale