1. From the Blackpurl Header Click on User-added image > User-added image

User-added image

  1. Complete the relevant details on the New Merchandise window (just work your way slowly down the fields) and then click on User-added image
User-added image

A.  If you are creating a new part from a new Vendor, you will need to create the Vendor first
Review our article - How to Create / Add a New Vendor

B.  For Part Type - if the Vendor for this part has been setup for Products and Services - Part Purchases and Merchandise Purchases such as this Vendor:

User-added image

then on the Parts record - you will be required to select a Part Type:

User-added image

For further information on Products & Services - please review our article - How to Setup Vendor Products and Services

This is the non-inventory part indicator. If you indicate that the part is a non-Inventory part, then you are basically
telling Blackpurl that you do not want to keep track of quantities or average costs etc.  

If you add the non-inventory part to a Customer Order, it will automatically tell you it is in stock as it does not go through any Special Order VO/VR/VI process etc

Quantity in Stock - when you first create a new part, you can enter in the Stock on Hand in this section

**Please note that if you do enter a quantity as Stock on Hand at this point, it will create a stock adjustment journal over to our accounting package.

If you don't enter in a Quantity at this point, you will need to do a Part Stock Adjustment at a later date. Please review our article -
How to Complete a Part Stock Adjustment