This article will explain what Vendor Products and Services are and how to setup them up in Blackpurl  


Vendors must have already been setup in Blackpurl

Vendor Products and Service

Under the Vendor record, you have the ability to indicate what type of Product and Service that a Vendor provides to your business.  These can include:  

  • Part Purchases - this selection indicates that Parts can be purchased from this Vendor. For additional information, please see the Further Information section at the bottom of the article

  • Merchandise Purchase - this section indicates that Merchandise can be purchased from this Vendor. For additional information, please see the Further information section at the bottom of the article

  • Unit Purchases - this selection allows the purchase of units from this Vendor.  It will allow you to process an Order > Unit Ordering to this Vendor

  • Claims for Service Work - this selection allows Warranty Claims / Insurance Claims to be charged to this Vendor

  • Deal Products - this selection means that this Vendor supplies Deal Products.   For this option you will need to complete Step 7 below to setup any Deal Products this Vendor provides

  • Flooring Company - this selection means that this Vendor is a Floorplan Company

  • Finance Company this selection means that this Vendor is a Finance Company and can be added to Unit Deals

  • Financing Products this selection means that this Vendor supplies Financing Products

For this option you will need to complete Step 7 below to setup the Finance Products ie Warranty Plans or Insurances 


  1. To do this, navigate to the relevant Vendor Record screen, click on User-added image 


User-added image

  1. From the Edit Vendor window, click on User-added image

User-added image

  1. From the Add More Information options, select Product & Services

User-added image

  1. From the Product & Services options, check off those Products & services that this Vendor provides:

User-added image
  1. Then click on User-added image

  2. The Vendor Record will then indicate what Products and Services that this particular Vendor will supply / provide.
In our example below this Vendor supplies everything

User-added image

  1. The Vendor has now been setup that they are available to provide / supply certain Products and Services

Time to setup what products they provide / supply

From the Vendor Record screen, navigate to the Products section and to create a new Product, click on User-added image

User-added image

  1. This will open the New Product window for completion:
User-added image
A.  Type

Indicates what type of Product is getting created.  Click on the dropdown arrow to list the options of: Deal Product / Financing Product / Sublet / Warranty Plan and make the selection
User-added image

B.  Code

A quick reference text for you to identify and search for this new product but just try not to make the Code too many characters

C.  Description

This is the description of what the product is. Description is also what will print on the Customer Order

D.  Cost Method

Two options:
  • Fixed Cost - there is a fixed cost for this Product 
  • Percent Retail - it is a percent of the retail price that will be your cost

User-added image

E.  Cost Rate

If you selected the Cost Method in D. as Fixed Cost - then type in the Fixed Cost the $ amount 

If you selected the Cost Method in D. as Percent Retail - then type in the % amount

For example - if you typed in the Unit Deal the Retail price is $100, it would calculate the cost of this product with the % you have typed in here

F.  Price 

This is the price to the customer

G. Category

This indicates what category this product will belong to ie for accounting integration purposes

H. Taxable

is the Product taxable?  If you indicate that the product is taxable, select the Applicable Tax

Once you have completed the screen click on User-added image

Further Information

The Vendor can be setup to supply both Part Purchases and Merchandise Purchases as a Products and Services

Blackpurl allows the Dealership to assign a different Category to Part Purchases and Merchandise Purchased based on the Part Type selected on the Part Record

For example

On the Part record below Part# QB Test 1 we have selected the Part Type: Merchandise.  

User-added image

On the relevant Vendor record (note the Vendor: Test Hitesh above) the Category for Merchandise is Service Parts

This means that when we sell this part or purchase this part, it will follow the Category of Service Parts for Accounting Integration

 User-added image