A Customer wants to order 1 only individual item of Part# Q1234

The Dealership knows that Part# Q1234 can only be ordered from the Vendor on the Vendor Record (Smith & Co) as a packaged part (package = 10 items)

User-added image

The Dealership does not want to lose the sale but the Dealership also doesn't want to be stuck with the rest of the packaged quantity - 9 individual items left in stock

The Dealership decides to order that 1 individual item from another Vendor (Cup Supplier) who does sell the part individually

How to Process:

  1. Create the Customer Order as normal and add the part (remember you can sell per individual item)

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  1. Create an Order > Parts Order for the other Vendor (Cup Supplier)
Click on User-added imageand search to add the relevant part

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  1. At the moment it is automatically wanting to order 1 package of 10


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Click into the line item for the Action box to appear > check the radio box next to Order as Individual Items > click on User-added image

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  1. The line item will change to say Ordered As Individual Items

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  1. Finalise the Vendor Order as normal
  2. When the part is received > finalise the Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoice as normal
  3. Finalise the Customer Order as required