An existing Customer - Jaxon Price - is requiring a service and new brake pad to be installed on his 2012 Harley-Davidson Softail.

If you prefer to watch a video, click on this link Video - How to Process a Service Job

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click User-added image

User-added image


  1. Click into the Select Customer section and then Select for an existing customer field. 
***Please note that you MUST select a customer for all Service Jobs as Blackpurl will not allow you to do a Cash Sale on a Service Job.

User-added image

The Select for an existing customer  functionality will allow you to search for the customer using keywords such as surname / first name / mobile number / email address.

As you start typing your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match. In our example we search for our customer Jaxon Price using his surname - Price - as the keyword.

Once you see the required customer, click to select.

User-added image
If you do not see the required Customer then you will need to click on User-added image for the Create New Customer window to pop up for completion.

  1. After selecting your customer, select START A SERVICE OR REPAIR JOB

User-added image

The system will automatically open a Service Job 1 section:

User-added image
Tip:  You can change the name of the Service Job 1 section by clicking on that area and typing the new name.
  1. Using the drop down arrow User-added imageopen up the Service Job 1 > Job Details section and add / complete the relevant information

User-added image

A.   Customer Unit - what unit the Service Job.  It will self populate with Customer Owned Units as per details on the Customer Record > Customer Owned Unit
B.   View Unit - allows user to view the Customer Owned Unit record (ie service history etc)
C.   Add a New Unit - allows user to add a new Customer Owned Unit
D.   Who is paying for the job? - There are 4 options
  • Customer Pay - the customer is paying for the Service Job themselves
  • Third Party Pay - a third party such as Insurance or warranty claims, is paying for the Service Job
  • Internal Expense - the dealership is wearing the cost of the Service Job
  • Quote - at this stage the Service Job is only a quote 
For further information on this section, please review our article - Service Job - Understanding the options for "Who is paying for the job" (ie Third Party - Insurance & Warranty Claims)

E  Job Status - tells user what status the job is at.  The options are:

  • New
  • Ready 
  • In Progress
  • On Hold 
  • Complete
F.   Change Status - allows the user to change the status of the job as required. The options are listed in E.
G.  Concern - the user can type in what concerns the customer has etc. For example: 12000km service required.
After user has typed in the Concern, remember to press Enter to accept the text into that field
H.  Cause - if there are any specific causes to the concern
After you have typed in your Cause, press Enter to accept the text into that field.
I.   Correction - what corrections may be required or what corrections have been completed.
After you have typed in the Correction, press Enter to accept the text into that field.
J.   Odometer readings - what is the odometer reading upon arrival at the dealership and upon departure.
  1. Using the drop down arrow User-added imageopen up the Service Job 1 > Job Items section and add what parts / labour / fees etc required for this service:

User-added image
Click into the Scan or search to add a part, labor, kit, fee or merchandise and either scan the parts barcode that you need for this service or search for the part etc
To search use k
eywords such as Labor / Merchandise / Sublet / Kit Fee. If you use a keyword it narrow down the search result.

For example - we are requiring to add a Labor line for this Service Job. Type in Labor

User-added image
and then select the Labor as your keyword

User-added image
Now we have narrowed down the database to just search Labor.
We now search for Standard labour Rate - as you start typing your search - Standard - the system will start listing the search results that match.

User-added image
Click on your selection and it is added to the Job Detail screen
Add QTY NEEDED and change PRICE as required

User-added image

  1. Using the same concept in Step 5 - search for Brake Pads use the keyword Merchandise:

User-added image
Continue to add all items required for the Service Job.

This would also be a good time to obtain Customer Approval for the work you are about to do on the Customer's unit.

Please review the follow article that will take you through the Customer Approval options -Service Jobs - Approval from Customer using Verbal / Printed or Digital Signature

7.  If the Service Job is ready to be worked on and the unit has been received  > change the status (as required) from the Service Job 1 header to READY

You will need to continually update the status as it changes - See Step 4E for the statuses.

If your dealership provides your Service Technicians with Service Worksheets, this would be a good time to print one out for them by clicking on User-added image > select the option to print the Service Worksheet.User-added image


  1. Once the Service Worksheet is returned by the technicians, start to finalise the Service Job.
User-added image
For example
  • Type in any Notes for customer
  • Update the Odometer reading
  • Update any changes to the Labour Qty etc
  • In the Job Actions section - Do you need to manually add technician time, click on Log Technician Time and complete.  
Once you have manually logged tech time, a new Technician time section will create. 

User-added image

If you are doing Job Clocking - this section will already be populated with the job clocking entries
  • In the Job Action section - To add an attachment, click on Add attachment and complete.
If you add an attachment, a new attachment section will create

**Please note  the size limit of each image is restricted to 1.25MB.  Users can upload larger images but please be aware that they will be compressed to still fix the 1.25MB limit  
  1. Once the status of the Service Job has been changed to complete and the job is now ready for Checkout.  
From the running balance in the Checkout section, the customer owes $293.48.

User-added image

Click on User-added image

  1. In the Select what you want to Checkout section, it will indicate any items ie Service Job 1 that is available for checkout. 
Then click on the Choose A Payment Method > then type in the amount for that Payment Method > click on User-added image
  • You can process multiple Payment Methods > just choose your Payment Method and type in the amount payable by that payment method / then choose another Payment Method for the next payment until full amount of the Customer Order is complete.
  • If there are multiple items for Checkout, the user can choose which items are being checked out
  • You can backdate your payment or invoice.  Please see our article -How to Backdate Customer Order Deposits / Payments / Invoices

User-added image

Once the Customer Order has been paid in full and the Balance Due area changes to GREEN
Click on  User-added image with the option to Print Invoice or Email Invoice to customer.

User-added image
  1. Once the Customer Order is finalised, no further changes can be made as the status is now CLOSED and a new Invoice History section has been added.
If you need to reprint or re-email the Invoice, this is where you will need to return to.

User-added image
  1. Result:
  • The Customer Order will now list on the Customer Record 

User-added image

  • It will also list on the Customer Owned Unit Service History