There may be some instances where the Dealership needs to change an active Customer Order back to a Quote.

For example:

  • It may be because of user error - the user may have changed a quote to be an active Customer Order in error.
  • Dealership may have provided prices to a Customer and the Customer has said to go ahead with the Customer Order. The user then changes the Customer Order out of quote status BUT then the Customer changes their mind. The Dealership may wish to still keep a record of the prices they gave the Customer as a quote on the system.

 How does it work?

In the following example - the Set as a quote toggle is OFF so it is an active Customer Order.

We will pretend that it is a user error and this Customer Order should actually still be a quote.

To fix the user would just change the Set as a quote toggle back to ON.


There are several instances when an active Customer Order CANNOT be changed back to a quote.

These include:

  • If a deposit has been receipted against the Customer Order
  • Items have been paid for and checked out and an Invoice has been issued;
  • If the line items in the Special Order section have been ordered or received.
For the Customer Order to be able to be changed back to quote, all line items in the Special Order section must have the status REQUIRED (ie no Vendor Order has been submitted for them or received).
  • If Technician Job Clocking entries have been processed in the Service Job section of the Customer Order 
  • For Customer Order > Unit Deal - the status of the Unit Deal must still be in QUOTE.