Dealerships are always looking for easier ways to count their part inventory as it can be a very time consuming process - this article will go through how a barcode scanner app may be able to help

Blackpurl has the Part Count tool available but a lot of Dealerships do not have in house barcode scanners that would make this process so much quicker

All barcode scanning apps are very similar but we recommend that you please choose one that you will be comfortable using and will allow you to:

  • scan the barcode of each part 

  • type in the count quantity

  • type in a location (if applicable)

  • export a .cvs formatted file - this is the file that you would then import into the Blackpurl Part Count tool

Please keep in mind that Barcode Scanning Apps will only help your Dealership if the parts you are scanning already exist in Blackpurl

Please ensure that whatever Barcode scanner app you use - practice it / use it / become familiar with it prior to the actual count day

Example of a Barcoding Scanning App

For this example we have downloaded the scanning app - Orca Scan from the Apple Store:

User-added image

Now that you have downloaded the scanning app > most apps will require you to register:

User-added image

Let's get started by scanning the first barcode:

User-added image

This scanning app allows a location field

User-added image

Now just continue to scan all your parts and when you are finish, look to export the file as an email

User-added image

Just email the export file to your email address:

User-added image

Once you have emailed the file to yourself and you have received it, clear the count on the scanning app ready for the next count

User-added image

When you are ready, you can import the .csv file created by the scanning app into the Blackpurl Part Count tool

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