The Part Counting tool is available in Blackpurl for Dealerships wanting to do random counts, cycle counts as well as a full inventory count

It will allow the Dealership to create count sessions to record physical counts of their part inventory by scanning in parts / importing a count file or manually entering each part

Tip: If you do not have any in-house barcode scanners that will assist you with your count, review our article on barcode scanning apps - Using a Barcode Scanning App to Help with Counting Your Part Inventory


User Permissions
  • We have added a new user permission - Part Inventory Count
  • This permission needs to be enabled for the user to have access to the Part Counting tool
  • The next option is if the user is authorised to finalize count session ie process the adjustment entry etc

User-added image

Inventory Adjustment Category (Accounting Integration)
  • To finalise a count, the Part Counting tool will require an Adjustment Category 
  • This category is required as it will tell Blackpurl, what General Ledger to post any adjustment entries to, in the accounting package 
  • We recommend that you review your categories and if required create a new category:

Type:   Adjustment

Name: Stock Adjustment

then indicate the relevant General Ledger

For example:

User-added image


  1. From the Blackpurl Header - click on User-added image and select User-added imagefrom the Other Tools menu  


User-added image

  1. Let's review the Part Counting Tool first screen:

User-added image

A.  Open Counts tab - will list all the count sessions that have started (but not yet finalised)
  • Columns include:
Count# - this will the reference number used when the system refers to a count session
Name - when the count session was created, the user gave it a specific name
Type - is it a Random / Cycle / Full count (information about what these types are is further on in this article)
Count Date - this is the date that the user has indicated is the Count date. This is also the date the system will use when finalises the count session
Created On - this is when the count session was created
Modified - will indicate who was the last user to modify the count session
Counted - a total of how many parts have been counted
Cost Adjustment - this is an estimate of the cost adjustment attached to the count session and is based on the average cost of the items
***When finalising the count session this amount could change as the system will then provide an actual cost adjustment figure based off the FIFO (First In / First Out) principle for cost

B.  Count History tab - will allow you to review previous count sessions that have been finalised

C.  A list of the count sessions:
  • if it is under the Open Counts tab, it will list the open count sessions
  • if it is under the Count History tab, it will list the closed / finalised count sessions
D.  Create count - will allow the user to create a new count session

  1. To start a new count session - click on User-added image and the user will need to complete the details of the new count session depending on the Count Type:
Count Types available:
  • Random count - the dealership is looking to do a random count and will be required to complete - Count Name and Count Date:
  User-added image
  • Cycle count - the dealership is doing a cycle count based on a specific location / Vendor / Category

Dealership will be required to complete Count Name and Count Date and then using the Count Filters select if the count tools is based on a specific location / Vendor / Categories

User-added image
  • Full Inventory - this is where the entire part inventory is going to be counted.  The Dealership will be required to complete the Count Name and Count date 

User-added image

  1. Once you have selected the type of count and then filled out the required information, then just clicked on Create Count

Blackpurl will create the relevant count session 

Keep in mind that If you are doing a Full Inventory count session Blackpurl will take time to prepare the relevant count session as it will be collating a list of your full inventory  

Once the count session is ready, you will then see it listing in the Open counts tab.  For example we created a new Random count session and it is now listing under the Open counts tab:

User-added image

When you want to start using the Count Session that you created, just click on the Count #

Please note that you can have multiple Count Sessions running at once but this is not recommended. 

  • We would recommend that you start and finish a Count Session
  • The system also will not allow parts to be on multiple Count Sessions.  If you try and add a part to a Count Session but it is already been added to another active Count Session, the following message will pop up:
User-added image

Please review the following articles on how to process: