This article is the instructions on how to install the Super Connector for Blackpurl and Shopify

The Super Connector is basically the middle man that connects Blackpurl to your Shopify store  


Please contact Blackpurl and obtain your Connection Key 

Process to Install the Super Connector

Once you have the required Connection Key, then start the process below:

1.  In your web browser please copy and paste this URL of the Super Connector to load the Super Connector 


2.  Click > then in the relevant field, type in your store's myshopify URL

then click 

3.   Log in to your store with sufficient permissions to be able to navigate to the authorization page

For example - store owner, or staff / collaborator account holder with general permissions. 

Once on the authorization page > click  

4.  Type in the Connector Key (provided to you by Blackpurl) and then click

5.  Once you see "Your online store is connected to your DMS now" showing on the screen, the connection

has been made