This article will explain what Step 7C and the Category Type: Internal is all about  

Category Type - Internal

Internal expense categories are used in a few different ways:

  • They are selected in Internal customer service jobs in order to allocate the expense of the service job to a specific GL account

  • They are selected when recording Third-party service job claim variances allowing the variance expense to be allocated to a specific GL account

  • They can also be used in the definition of Service Job Types to set the default category to be used when creating a specific type of Internal customer service job

You will require at least one Internal expense category for each GL account you wish to use when allocating Internal service jobs or Claim variance expenses 

For example you have some rework to do for a customer and this is going to be at your expense

When you do the Customer order you select who pays. In this instance the internal expense of Rework HHD has been selected

To your accounting package would be a journal to redirect the sales revenue from the parts and labour to the rework expense account as below