Step 3 - Tax Code Mapping (Aus/NZ only)

Xero and QuickBooks for Australia and New Zealand allow their tax codes to be mapped to the tax codes that are setup in Blackpurl

This step will list all the Tax Codes in Blackpurl and then allows you to map which Tax Code in Xero / QuickBooks you require

What this will allow you to do, is to use the tax reporting capabilities already available in your accounting package when you need to report to your relevant Tax Office ie BAS or IRS

Your Blackpurl Activation Team will complete the tax mapping on your behalf 

**Our Australian Dealers also has the option of setting up the using of Notional Input Tax Credit (NITC).  If you wish to use this option, there will be additional General Ledger accounts that will need to be setup.  Please ensure that you discuss with the Blackpurl Activation Team if you need NITC setup on your Blackpurl.

NB - Keep in mind that all Australia / New Zealand Dealers are set up to have tax inclusive price and we do make sure that your Tax Invoices comply with the GST requirements