Step 2 - Chart of Accounts

This is to ensure that you have all the General Ledgers required in your accounting package to facilitate correct and issue free mapping to Blackpurl. 

  • Blackpurl has a generic Chart of Accounts (COA) for both QuickBooks Online and Xero and we are more than happy to provide the relevant generic COA to your dealership
  • These will also contain a list of specific General Ledger accounts Blackpurl will require for your accounting integration to be successful. 

  • We also need to ensure that the Account Type is the same as the generic COA or you run the risk of Xero or QuickBooks rejecting transactions if they are not.  For example:

Inventory needs to be mapped to a General Ledger account that has the type: Current Asset Type and Inventory as the detail type

If the General Ledger account has the type: Inventory, due to the restriction of the accounting package it will reject any transactions that try to integrate

  • There will be other General Ledger required in your COA in your accounting package for you to record operational costs that are outside of Blackpurl ie stationary, postage, wages, utilities etc

  • Keep in mind that as Blackpurl deals with many types of business’ in various parts of the world, you may find that Blackpurl requires a few General Ledger accounts to be added to your COA that are not necessary to your needs

Blackpurl is not a custom built system for you -  Blackpurl will not let you select a General Ledger that does not have the right type

  • Once it is agreed that you have a COA that will enable integration with Blackpurl, we will then sync your COA to Blackpurl. This should only take a few seconds

When complete you will have a green tick at 2. Chart of Accounts

NB. You will need to resync your COA whenever you add a new General Ledger account in your accounting package especially if you want to use that new General Ledger in one of your mapping fields in Accounting Integration