What’s new?

Vendor: Cassons – Parts Availability (Australia only)


Scheduler Security

  • We have introduced new user permissions to control access to the Service Scheduler
  • Users can have no access / read only access and/or the ability to create/modify 


New Field on Part Records and Unit Records for Data Feeds


What’s improved?

  • Updated – the DP360 integration to properly create Business customers in Blackpurl when the lead in DP360 only has a company/business name
  • Resolved – issue where notes added to a stock unit were not carrying over to the customer owned unit when sold
  • Resolved – issue which caused the Quote toggle to disappear from customer orders
  • Resolved – issue which caused a kit on an internal service job to not obey the internal price level or the rules defined on the kit
  • Resolved – issues which resulted in sync failures when syncing bulk entries for parts
  • Resolved – issue creating an appointment for a customer who has a large number of customer owned units
  • Resolved – CO Invoice sync issue when the Charge on account payment method is used multiple times in checkout
  • Resolved – issue when syncing vendor returns and the date on the credit note was set to a day before the credited date entered by the user
  • Resolved – issue on the new invoice format where it was not including the deductible in the totals of a third-party invoice
  • Resolved – issue which disabled the checkout button when line items added to the CO has a tax code with a zero rate
  • Resolved – issue syncing a vendor invoice to Xero when the purchase tax code assigned to the vendor does not have any tax rates assigned to it
  • Changed – a custom form at the request of the relevant Dealership 
  • Resolved – issue printing labels from VR when the part was not ordered on a VO
  • Resolved – issue syncing third-party invoice to accounting when the user had added a payment in checkout and then finalized the third-party job
  • Corrected – issues with the totals on the invoice preview for third-party service jobs
  • Updated – Data Feed file feed for a specific Dealership to not include duplicate part numbers which have the publish flag enabled and also developed the notification email for any duplications