This article and video will show you how to create / add a new Vendor to your Blackpurl 

The article will also go through how to edit the Vendor Record if necessary (change Address etc)

Video - How to Create / Add a New Vendor 

Article - How to Create / Add a New Vendor 

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click on User-added image User-added image

User-added image
  1. Complete the relevant details on the New Vendor window and then click on User-added image

User-added image


  • If the information you are entering matches an existing Vendor, that existing vendor will list in the area under  User-added imagefor you to review
  • If the Vendor has given you the additional information that you want to record, click  User-added imageto show and add more options ie Facebook / Fax / LinkedIn / Other Email / Other Phone / Part Category / Products & Services**/ Sales Price Level / Twitter / Website / Vendor Tax Id (This would be where our Australian dealers would type in the Vendor's ABN) 

**Products & Services include Part Purchases / Merchandise Purchases / Unit Purchases / Sublet Purchases / Claims for Service Work / Deal Products / Flooring Company / Finance Company / Financing Products

For further information on Products & Services, please review our article -  How to Setup Vendor Products and Services

How to Edit a Vendor Record 

The Vendor may have changed some of their details ie telephone number or address so your Vendor Record in Blackpurl will need to be updated as well

  • Navigate to the relevant Vendor Record

  • Click on

  • On the Edit Vendor screen - simply find the field that you want to change and update the details and then