The Dealership owns a unit that needs a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Service completed. 

By processing an Internal Service, the cost of the PDI will be "charged" to the unit so that the dealership can see how much the unit is actually costing the dealership. 

When the unit is sold, the full cost (including any Internal Services) will be taken into consideration when working out the profitability of the unit.

  1. From the Blackpurl Header - Click User-added image
User-added image

Then click on User-added image
  1. There is no customer listed (remember that the dealership actually owns the unit) and it has created a Service Job 1 section automatically.
The first thing to do is search for and add the relevant stocked unit to the Service Job 1 section.
Click on User-added image in the Job Details section.

User-added image

Once you have opened up the Job Details section > click into Search for a stock unit and type in the Stock No. or Keyword ie Make or Model or VIN.  Blackpurl will start to list all stocked units that meet your search criteria then just click to select.

User-added image
  1. The details of the selected Stocked Unit will automatically populate along with Who is paying for the job? and Category.  
Add in the Concern and Cause and any other information that you have or want to record.

User-added image
  1. Now that you have added the stocked unit, time to add the labour / parts / fees etc required to complete this job.
Open up the In the Job Items section by clicking on User-added image.

Then click into Scan or search to add a part, labor, kit, fee or merchandise and search for the items required for this job.
You can either scan the part or type in keywords and Blackpurl will list all items that meet your search criteria then just click to select

User-added image
Repeat this step for each item that needs to be added to this Service Job 1 section.

In our example we have added a Labor Line and Brake Pad:

User-added image

  1. If the Service Job is ready to be worked on > change the status by clicking on User-added image on the Service Job 1 header.

User-added image
Select the relevant status from the Change Job Status options. 
User-added image
Continue to change the status as required until the Service Job 1 has the status of Complete
  1. Ready to Finalise the Internal Customer Order?
When you are ready to finalise the Internal Service Job 1, from the Job Action section finalise the different sections:

User-added image
  • Log any Technician time by clicking on User-added imageand completing the Log Technician Time section or your Technician can also job clock onto this type of Service Job

  • Attach any relevant attachments by clicking on User-added imageand following the prompts.

  • The last thing to do is to finalise Job by clicking on User-added image.
The system will require you to confirm that you wish to Finalize the Job and CLOSE the internal job by clicking on OK
User-added image

  1. Results:
  • The Customer Order for this Internal Service Job is closed.

User-added image
  • The cost of Internal Service Jobs are listing on the Unit Records > Price & Cost Tracking as Dealers Installed Options.
User-added image