This article will explain how you can move parts between the different section on a Customer Order ie part sitting on a Parts & Accessories section can be moved to Service Job section and vice versa

Typical scenarios would be 

  • A Parts & Accessories section has already been processed for parts that the Customer is looking to purchase but the Customer has now requested the Dealership fit the parts as well

As this will entail labour costs etc, a Service Job section will need to be created and the parts that are currently listing under the Parts & Accessories section will need to be moved to the new Service Job section

  • Customer wanted to have parts and labour work done so a Service Job section was created

Customer decides that they no longer want the Dealership to fit the parts so instead of continuing with a Service Job section, the parts are moved to a Parts & Accessories section so the Customer can just purchase the parts

How to move Parts from Parts & Accessories section to Service Job Section

  1. Navigate to the relevant Customer Order and note that there is already a Parts & Accessories section which has a list of parts that the Customer is wanting to purchase but now he would like the Dealership to fit / install the parts onto his Customer Owned 

This will mean that the parts will need to be move to a Service Job (remember the Dealership will need to change labour now to fit / install the parts)

First thing to do is from  Add to this Order section > click on User-added image

User-added image

The Customer Order will now populate a new section - Service Job 1

User-added image


  1. On the Service Job 1 section > complete the Job Details (what unit etc) and Job Items (add other required parts/labour/ fees etc) as required

User-added image

  1. Time to actually move the parts that are currently sitting in the Parts & Accessories section to the Service Job 1 section

From the Parts & Accessories section > click on the part that needs to be moved > then click on User-added image to open up the line item options

User-added image
Under the Move to option, click on the User-added image and select Service Job 1 then click on User-added image

User-added image

Repeat this step for each Part & Accessories line item/s that you want to move to the Service Job section

  1. Result:
  • The parts have now been moved from the Parts & Accessories section to the Service Job 1 section

  • If there are Special Order parts, the Special Orders remain in play as it does not matter which section the parts are listed in ie Parts & Accessories or Service Job etc - the Special Order link will remain
  1. To delete the empty Parts & Accessories section > click on User-added image

User-added image

Use the same concept if you need to move parts from a Service Job section to a Parts & Accessories section