This article will go through the basic trouble shooting as to why your Barcode scanner may not work in Blackpurl

Keep in mind that we support the following devices:

  • Symbol LS2208-SR200007R-NA (USB)
  • Motorola L14278-TRBU0100ZWR (USB and wireless)

In theory, if you have a plug and play Barcode scanner, it should work in Blackpurl but just remember that there are quite a lot of Barcode scanners on the market and we have not been able to test all of them

Hardware Issues

Check the following:

  • Barcode Scanner is plugged in, lights are on

  • Your operating system (ie Windows 10 etc) to ensure that the Barcode Scanner is connected to your computer

To check if the device is available and is scanning, run the Notepad test:

  • Open the program - Notepad 

  • Scan a barcode (from one of your parts) into the Notepad screen 

  • If you can see the barcode (a line of numbers) in Notepad screen then it is connected to your computer

  • If you cannot see the barcode (a line of numbers) in Notepad then it is NOT connected to your computer - we would recommend that you unplug the scanner and try to connect to the computer again

Browser Issues 

Check the following:

  • Browser is setup to do Autocomplete.  Autocomplete will allows the browser to predict what you are wanting to type/scan in.  When the user scans the part into the relevant field,  the browser may display options to fill in the field, based on earlier scanned items.  This will need to be disabled. 

Blackpurl Issues:

If you are able to do the Notepad test (and it is working) but there is still an issue with scanning into Blackpurl:

  • Invalid number:
    • The Barcode Scanner may have been programmed to add additional characters when scanning
    • We would recommend that you reset the Barcode Scanner to the factory defaults 

  • Mismatch or wrong number is appearing:
    • Go into Blackpurl >  Part Record and print off a barcode
    • Verify that the barcode printed off, matches the barcode on the part itself
    • If it does not match then you will need to ask your Vendor for the list of SKU (usually they are provided on their Price File)
    • These SKU will then need to be uploaded to the SKU field on the Part Records
    • If you supply this information to Blackpurl Support we can look after the upload

  • Ensure that the cursor focus is in the actual scan field:
    • For example if you are on a Customer Order and are selling a part, ensure that your cursor is in the Scan or search to add a part, kit, fee or merchandise field

User-added image

It is also recommended that you review the User Guide for your Barcode Scanner as it will give you troubleshooting solutions as well

However if you need additional assistance, please contact Blackpurl Support -