1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click User-added image > User-added image
User-added image

  1. Complete the relevant details in the New Fee window and then click on User-added image 
User-added image

A few important notes:

  • Type- user will need to indicate if this FEE is for Selling or Purchasing transactions
    • Type - Selling means you can only use this fee on Customer Orders etc
    • Type - Purchasing means you can only use this fee on Vendor Invoice etc  
  • Category - for Dealership with Accounting Integration, the Category section is important as this will tell the system where the FEE is to integrated to your accounting package.

  • Taxable / Applicable Tax - If you select that the FEE is taxable, you will then be asked to select the Applicable Tax.  The Applicable Tax available for selection will be based on the Type of FEE ie Selling or Purchasing


  • Include in profit calculations - take some time to think if you want the FEE included in the Profit Calculations on a Customer Order.
  • This would mean that when you view the Customer Order Profitability, the Fee would be taken into consideration and give you an overall profitability figure
  • For further information, please review the following articles:
Fees and Customer Order Profitability  
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