A Customer Order is how the dealership will process the sale of products / fees / miscellaneous etc to your Customer

From the 
Blackpurl Header  > Click User-added image and the Sell options will appear for you to make your selection

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Sell Parts & Accessories
  • Customer is only buying a part / merchandise / fee etc
  • This Customer Order can be used for both Stock on Hand sales and Special Order Part sales 
  • For Stock on Hand sales - user will have a choice of being able to select a Customer ie a customer may want to keep a record of their purchases under their Customer record OR a Cash Sale
  • If the user does not Select Customer, the system will automatically default the Customer to: Cash Sale
  • For all Special Order Part sales, user will be required to Select Customer as the system does not allow a Special Order Part sales for the Customer: Cash Sale 
Start a Service or Repair Job 
  • When the Customer (or third party ie insurance company) requires a service on their Customer Owned Unit
  • The main different is that a Start a Service or Repair Job Customer Order allows the user to add labour lines

Sell A Unit
  • Customer is buying Unit/s from your dealership
  • The dealership can sell the Unit/s with additional proposed options as they can be added to the Customer Order
  • It will also allow the dealership to process financing of the unit (with financing products ie purchase of extended warranties etc) as well as process trade ins etc

Start an Internal Service
  • These are Service or Repair Jobs for units the dealership owns
  • This allows the dealership to keep a record of how much an owned unit is costing the dealership and forms a part of the calculations when working out profitability upon selling the unit

Let's give you a bit of a run down of a basic Customer Order screen (not a Cash Sale):

In our example all the Sell sections (Unit Deal / Service Job / Parts & Accessories) are showing: 

User-added image


1.   The full Customer Order screen will list the active sections and in our examples below, you can see the following active sections:

Customer Detail section - all about the customer that the user has selected
User-added image

Unit Deal section - the dealership is selling a unit to the customer
User-added image

Service Job section - the dealership is performing a Service on a Customer Owned Unit which involves Labour
User-added image

Parts & Accessories section - the Customer is purchasing just Parts or Merchandise
User-added image

This is where you can add additional sections to the Customer Order:
User-added image

Other Sections:

Parts Picklist section - if you add parts to the Customer Order, this section will automatically populate to list the status of all the parts. For further information on the Parts Picklist section, please review our article - Customer Order - Parts Picklist Section
User-added image

Deposit section - when you add a Deposit - then a Deposit section will open.  For further information, please review our article - How to Receipt a Customer Order Deposit
User-added image

Internal Comments section - will show when you add an Internal Comments section is added.  For further information, please review our article - How to Add Internal Comments to a Customer Order

User-added image

Invoice History section - When the Customer Order has been invoiced - then an Invoice History section will open and list details about the issued Invoices.  This is also the section where you can reprint or re-email the Invoice
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2.   Set as a quote toggle - this will allow the user to set this Customer Order as a quote
For more information, review our article - Introducing the ability to change an active Customer Order back to Quote

3.   Customer Order # - The system will automatically issue an Customer Order Number

4.   Order Status: Open / Closed etc
TIP: If a Customer Order is closed, no further items can be added or any changes made

5.   Click on this icon User-added image will list the profitability of the Customer Order
To access profitability, the user will need the relevant user permission.  For further information, review our article - Customer Order Profitability

6.   This will provide a running total of how much the Customer is spending on this Customer Order for all selling sections

7.   Once the Customer has an item to checkout, click on User-added image to open the Checkout 
In the Checkout section - you can select what items the Customer are paying for / their payment method and if you want to finalize the transaction (finalizing a transaction will generate an Invoice to be issued)

8.   If the Customer wishes to make a Deposit, click on to complete the details of the Deposit taken
9.   If the Customer requires a copy of a deposit receipt or an Invoice preview etc, click on  to make your selection
OR depending on what sections you have on the Customer Order, this print option will also allow you to print Service Worksheet / Bill of Sale / Offer to Purchase etc.

10. Clicking on this icon - User-added imagewill allow you to recalculate pricing
For example if you change the price level on a Customer Record, you will need to recalculate the Customer Order to take into the consideration the new pricing
WARNING - be very careful with option - if you had previously modified any prices on the Customer Order ie given a discount etc and then click on Recalculate all pricing, the system will recalculate the prices back to the original amounts

11.  This is how you would Delete a Customer Order by clicking on User-added image
 There are certain restrictions so for further information, please review our article - How to Delete a Customer Order How to Delete a Customer Order

12. By clicking on the relevant drop down arrow at the end of each section, it will allow that section to expand
For example when we click on the  User-added image at the end of the Customer Detail section, it will expand that section for you to see additional information ie Price Level and any Exemptions etc
You can also send a text to the Customer from this area or Remove Customer

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