This article will explain how you can manage / change / delete / move Job Clocking on a Service Job 


Users required to manage Job Clocking ie editing and changing entries etc will need to have the User Permission: Manage job clocking 

Job Clocking Entry

Navigate to the relevant Customer Order > Service Job - Technician Time section, find the Job Clocking entry and then click on

This will give you a few options:

Option 1 - To edit the Job Clocking Entry 

Click on for the Log technician time pop up to make your changes - don't forget to click

Option 2 - To delete the Job Clocking entry

Click on and it will automatically delete the Job Clocking enty (no confirmation required)

Option 3 - To move the Job Clocking entry 

Two options to move the Job Clocking entry - move it to another Service Job on the same Customer Order or move it to another Customer Order altogether 

To action click on the relevant tab

SAME CO (same CO but different Service Jobs)

For the Same CO, you get to select which Service Job you want to move the Job Clocking entry to 


DIFFERENT CO (job clocking is sitting on the wrong Customer Order > Service Job altogether)

You will get to search for the Customer Order where you want to move the Job Clocking entry to 

To learn how to Manage or Change Job Clocking for Other Tasks, please review our article - Other Tasks - Job Clocking On / Off