What's new? 

Part Record - Monthly Part Summary Statistics 

On each Part Record > Statistics - we have added a new section that will show the user the Monthly Summary 

It will by default list the monthly summaries of the Quantity Sold for that part and will list any years which there has been an active sales  

Default view:

The User can then change the view to also look at the Purchases and Returns/Adjustments (if required) by using the dropdown and making a new selection

Change to Kits 

This change was made because we had received a lot of feedback from our Dealerships that they do not want to show the full kit details on any Customer facing documents ie Invoices etc

Instead we have now introduced a new System Setting that Dealerships can enable to "Hide kit details on documents"

If your Dealership selects this option, the kit will only appear on Customer facing documents with the description line with total (the actual line items of the Kit will not print on the document)

For further information and how to enable this feature, please review our article - How to Create / Add a New Kit and How to hide Kit line items on Customer facing documents 

Customer Record - New Field 

We have added a new field to the Customer Record - Licence expires field 

Navigate to the relevant Customer Record > click EDIT and  and select from the drop down options 

Customer Invoice - Due Dates

When accounting integration is enabled, customer invoices sent to your accounting package as Charge on Account will now have due dates set based on the terms set on the Customer Record in your accounting package

For example - I have setup the 7 day terms for account in my accounting package for my Customer: Cathy Price . When the Blackpurl invoice integrates as charge on account for Cathy Price to my accounting package, it will automatically be given the due date (based on the 7 days terms) so that you can now see if / when a Customer is overdue 

What's Improved? 

Resolved - an issue with the Invoice Detail report which failed to generate the report when it was having to deal with a very large amount of data

Resolved - an issue where the browser password saver was being triggered in Search to Add (STA) on customer order

Resolved - an issue encountered when a Processed price file does not contain packaged part information but was still overriding the package settings of the part record.  Now in this scenario the settings of the part record will dictate how the price file will have the record

Resolved - an issue where the total sales on the Part Movement report did not match with the Total Revenue from the Product History report

Resolved - an issue encountered when creating a purchase tax code for the first time and it prevented the user from proceeding

Changed - Added pagination for the lead search API and resolved an DP360 integration issue to show all leads

Resolved - an issue related to preventing the duplicate receiving of parts, which was leading to inaccurate inventory valuation

Resolved - an issue where the import pick list is not working for customer order

Resolved - too many SOQL errors while finalizing claim response for third party service jobs

Resolved - Stopped sending vendor details to Shopify in case anything changes on part in Blackpurl when part is already associated with a product in Shopify

Resolved - an invoice item report issue related to export csv, pdf and preview

Resolved - an issue where a shopify order was not imported for a business customer already present in Blackpurl

Resolved - an issue for an open service Job report where  records were not coming on unit description search

Resolved - a customer search issue using a full formatted phone number

Resolved - an error where the user is not able to delete the unit from deal

Resolved - added an indication of what is missing/blank field in case Approved status for deal is grayed out but the CO will not close out

Resolved - an applicable tax issue on Labor for Service Job where tax is not correctly shown on checkout if tax is overridden with other taxes
Changed - Internal - Apex class version change impacts for Date/Date Time fields

Resolved - Internal - an error while fetching a file from AWS on Importing Price file

Resolved - an issue where unit orders add pricing icon is not available when user typing in Make/Model in input box

Resolved - Inventory unit report vendor column issue

Changed - Internal - Added wrapper field for FTP unit integration

Changed - Internal - Stopped adding PDF and images for forms where customers automatically link all of their forms to every deal which could add up to a lot of unnecessary file space being consumed 

Changed - Internal - Browser tab label update - set the label in the browser tab to reflect the transaction it is displaying

Resolved - Item price calculation issue on customer change

Resolved - an issue where the Discovery payment method is not showing in the Cash/Cards group while searching customer payments

Resolved - an error message comes up while printing documents

Resolved - an issue where the tax detail report is not loading for selling type taxes in a specific scenario

Resolved - the technician hours report issue where hours are shown as one

Resolved - corrected date ordering issue for payroll hours report when exported to excel

Resolved - the document issue with labor on kit details

Resolved - an issue where the user was unable to submit a claim for a third party service job

Changed - Applied an additional check where users can not move line items from Quotation type customer order