This article will cover how the Dealership now has control over when their Blackpurl will archive and / or delete Customer Order quotes 

By default when this feature was released, there are no settings in play so if the Dealership wishes to setup these settings, please follow the following instructions

Setting up Archiving / Deletion for Customer Order Quotes 

From the Blackpurl Header, click on >System Settings

Then select from the System Setting Dashboard

Click on Other Settings to open up that section 

Then enable the relevant toggle/s as required and type in the relevant days you want 

Keep in mind that it will use the last modified date when calculating the date the system will archive the quotes

For example

If you want to Automatically archive quotes after 60 days, than your setting will be as per the screen shot

If you want to Automatically delete quotes after 180 more days, then your setting will be as per the screen shot

Please note that you cannot set up automatic deletion without archiving first - for deletion to occur the Customer Orders will first need to be archived 

Don't forget to click on  to set the controls

Re-Activating an Archived Customer Order Quote 

When a Customer Order quote has been archived, you will still be able to see the Customer Order Quote on the Customer Record in the Archived Quote section 

If you need to change the status of an archived Customer Order Quote back to being active, click onto the relevant Customer Order for it to load and then simply move the toggle to Reactivate quote 


Once the Customer Order Quote has been automatically deleted as per settings, it cannot be undeleted